• The Newest CBD Trends of 2020

    17 Mar, 2020

    The Newest CBD Trends of 2020

    Nearing four months into 2020, we are celebrating the wonderful crazy that it has been so far. Until around 2018, cannabidiol, or CBD, was a very niche market, unheard by mainstream society. Interested in it, both scientifically and cosmetically, exploded during 2019, and now this year is welcoming such innovating and decidedly creative CBD oil products available these days. You can find CBD-infused most everything, from medibles to drinks and more. You can easily buy CBD oil online. According to the Center of Medical Cannabis, over six million folks have […]

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  • Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

    12 Mar, 2020

    Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

    The cannabis revolution is sweeping industry. As more states legalize and the federal government teeters ever closer, tens of millions of workers from all sectors are questioning how drug testing will affect the workplace. Those who use cannabidiol, or CBD, even lab-tested CBD oil products can sometimes fail drug tests for cannabis in some scenarios. Many such cases actually exist. Urine tests, the most common drug screen in the workplace, do not actually look for CBD. Not at all. CBD does not intoxicate or impair motor skills or judgement. Instead, […]

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  • CBD Derived from Hemp or Cannabis – What Is The Difference?

    05 Mar, 2020

    CBD Derived from Hemp or Cannabis – What Is The Difference?

    When it comes to cannabidiol, or CBD, products, a name can carry hefty importance. There are massive differences between CBD derived from hemp and CBD derived from cannabis. Not all of it is legal. Understanding cannabis legalese and the defining characteristics of the two plants is imperative to making informed decisions about the CBD that you buy, and all tincture for pain relief going forward. Cannabis includes three species in a genus of plants. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, these include Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Hemp is […]

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