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CBD oil is among the fastest growing markets in the United States. Ever since scientists first discovered cannabidiol, or CBD, and other cannabinoids in cannabis plants, folks have been using its extract. Cannabis was century’s part of daily human life. Now, as the 2018 Farm Bill makes clear, hemp and all of its derivatives are legal nationwide, at the federal level. You can get it freely in all 50 states.

In fact, you can have it arrive on your doorstep the same day. Tomorrow? In a few days? Of course, this will depend largely on where you live, the remoteness of it, but options you sure have in abundance. In California, cbd delivery is immensely popular among both medical and recreational users. It is safe, reliable, discreet, and now, perfectly legal too.

Immediate Delivery

Our Immediate Delivery is exactly that: Immediate. The moment you place your order, somebody is packaging it and sending it on its way to you. This option is best for those living in the heart of civilization, in cities or towns, where delivery can occur within the hour, usually less. Dispatch happens at time of order. You get your stash faster than you could ever get it yourself. Guaranteed.

Same Day Delivery

We also send packages for CBD delivery same day. Not within the hour, but certainly the same day. Any order you place before 8pm is eligible for same-day delivery in any major hubs throughout California. Orders placed after this time will arrive the next day. This option is perfect for citywide delivery of packages that lack the urgency so common of Immediate deliveries.

Overnight Delivery

Not everybody needs CBD delivery on the same day. Some can wait until tomorrow. Our Overnight Delivery option is extremely popular among regular cannabis users, and it gives you time to decide on a time and place for delivery with somewhat more control. You receive your package the day after ordering it, making it an excellent choice for those living on the outskirts of cities, mildly isolated.

Business Day Delivery

If your idea of life is away from everybody, then rest assured, you can still buy CBD online and have a driver deliver. It may take a few business days to find its way to you, however, anywhere from two working days to four, but you will get it no matter how remote you are, even if you live in another state. We service the entire country, all 50 states, and our Business Day option makes this possible.

Buy CBD Oil Products Online in California

The benefits of CBD delivery are many. No more do you need to navigate California traffic to get CBD. No need to waste fuel, time spent standing in queues. CBD Safe delivers to wherever you are, simply download our delivery app to track your parcel in real time. It will send you notifications at every step of its route to you. You will know its leaving time, and even when it is just five minutes away.


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