Top 10 CBD Products of 2020

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is growing a market like no other seen before in history. It is exploding so in popularity that you can buy CBD oil most anywhere. In response, companies are innovating new, even more exciting cbd products for consumers. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the many therapeutic properties of CBD are largely responsible for this, as well as its nutritional benefits.

With so many CBD products on offer, just which are consumers demanding the most of in 2020?

1. Canna River CBDawg Flower

CBDawg is the famous cannabis strain by Canna River that is especially high in CBD and very low in psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. These buds are full spectrum, which means they are rich in various cannabinoids, not only CBD. Although they contain trace amounts of THC, it is not enough to make you stoned. Ever. CBDawg is a hemp strain. As such, it is popular among medical patients.

2. Palm Vape Pen – Rest

The Rest vape pen by Palm is a full spectrum vaping oil derived from hemp. It contains less than .3 percent THC, so it will never make you “high.” Instead, it contains an abundance of CBD and terpenes that will make you feel restful, relaxed, and even sleepy in big doses. This pen is an excellent painkiller. It treats seizures and convulsions too, making it very highly sought-after by many in California.

3. CBD Living OG Pre-Rolls

CBD Living makes delightful CBD pre-rolls. These, derived from an OG hemp strain, contain a whopping 170 milligrams of CBD. Full spectrum, these CBD-rich joints contain a myriad cannabis compounds, all with their own unique properties. THC levels are famously low, almost non-existent, making these pre-rolls popular with anyone not wanting to test positive for THC in work-related screening tests.

4. Paradise CBD Caramels

CBD Caramels by Paradise fly off shelves. Everywhere. These popular CBD edibles are supremely tasty. What is more, they come in 40-milligram packs of four, with each caramel measuring an accurate 10 milligrams of CBD. If you enjoy caramel, there are few CBD edibles better than these are, if any. They are rich, creamy, and full spectrum. You will get all of the benefits of cannabis, just without THC, or its buzz.

5. Sacred Biology CBD Rub

CBD rubs are especially popular, but this one, by Sacred Biology, is a firm favorite. Containing a whopping 150 milligrams of full spectrum CBD, this rub effectively relieves sore and tired muscles, lactic acidosis, muscular tension, skin issues, and even joint pain. It contains turmeric, menthol, and arnica oils that combine to increase its efficacy, and since it is a topical with minimal THC, you will not feel “high.”

6. Canna River CBD Tincture

Canna River makes a range of pure CBD oil for sale, but its tinctures reign supreme. They vary in potency, with its 2500-milligram bottles especially popular. Derived from hemp and full spectrum too, its tinctures are ideal for relieving a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues. It is free of sugar, free of ethanol, and free of all forms of animal cruelty. What is more, it is friendly toward vegans.

7. Get Zen Cannaprofen CBD Capsules

Surprisingly, CBD capsules are bestsellers across California. These by Get Zen promise discretion, accuracy of dosing, and ease of use. You simply swallow a capsule. No drops, no crumbs, no smoke. Neat, clean, and private. Cannaprofen comes in packs of two, each dosed at 25 milligrams of CBD. However, these capsules are not full spectrum. Rather they are isolate, containing only CBD. On its own.

8. Alpha Extracts CBD Oil Syringe

The one-gram CBD oil syringe by Alpha Extracts is among the most popular pure CBD oil for sale anywhere. It is pure. Tests prove it. They measure CBD at 27 percent per gram, which is potent, albeit non-psychoactive. It does contain THC, but in minute quantities, not even worth mentioning. You will not feel stoned, just calm and happy. It treats pain, appetite woes, inflammation, cancer, and more.

9. CBD Living Hand Sanitizer

CBD Living’s popular hand sanitizer is even more popular in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. It kills germs. Dead. A powerful disinfectant that sanitizes hands and surfaces, it contains CBD, so it nourishes and moisturizes too. This product is very high in CBD and cannabinoids, but it has no THC. It effectively treats skin issues, as well, such as rosacea, acne, and eczema. Moreover, it is free of all contaminants.

10. Chill Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate

Unlike most CBD Products for sale, Chill makes pure CBD crystals to melt in your mouth, your tea, or your pipe. This CBD crystalline is a CBD isolate, which means the only cannabinoid present is CBD. No THC, no flavonoids, nothing. Just CBD. It is popular among those wanting specifically to treat themselves using only CBD. Each 500-milligram jar tests purity at 97 percent. You get the best CBD Products and only the very best.

Buy CBD Oil in California

CBD Products is widely available across California. In fact, with the federal legalization of hemp and its derivatives, you can find pure CBD oil for sale anywhere. However, the best quality is always online, from trusted, credible, and licensed suppliers. A quick Google search for “CBD delivery services near me” will give you access to them all. Just do your research before buying. Not all CBD is equal. Insist on seeing test results.

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