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Published 22 Jul 2019

It is quite unlikely for you to contract infectious, plague-like diseases in the United States, but although there is relative control of communicable diseases, new epidemics are at crisis-like highs. Hypertension is just one of these modern threats to health, and it defines as chronically high blood pressure. This condition is dangerous, even deadly, and conventional treatments are themselves risky.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tens of millions of people suffer hypertension in the United States alone. Pharmaceuticals offer some solutions, even a range of them, but with nasty side effects, many patients want a more natural approach to treatment. Cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, if fast turning into a modern cure-all. However, is it really that?

Understanding High Blood Pressure

All humans have blood pressure, a measurable, dynamic vital sign of health. When analyzing a blood pressure reading, the numbers indicate the quantity of pressure applied by the bloodstream that allows blood to flow into veins and capillaries throughout the human body. This pressure does not stay constant. It rises and falls as you respond to mental, emotional, physical, and environmental stimuli.

Although your blood pressure changes regularly, it typically falls within a normal range most of the time. Around one-third of adults in the United States, as claimed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, consistently fall well above this range called normal. When blood pressure is at a chronically elevated level, you have hypertension, a dangerous condition that can destroy your health.

Hypertension is usually an early warning, a precursor to heart attacks and diseases of the cardiovascular system. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained, high blood pressure plays a contributing role in at least 410,000 deaths just in 2014. Furthermore, the cost of hypertension and its associated effects reach nearly $50 billion every year.

For sufferers desperate to keep their blood pressure numbers well within the normal range, pharmaceuticals are usually the primary go-to solution. However, according to Mayo Clinic, like with most prescription drugs, these have their own unique side effects, the most common of which include dizziness, muscle weakness, fatigue, impotence, and even electrolyte imbalances.

Lifestyle changes are among the most meaningful steps patients can take to maintain healthy blood pressure over the long-term. Exercise, diet, and managing stress properly can all improve blood pressure dramatically. Furthermore, keeping your blood pressure in check can lower the risk of more serious health events, such as stroke or heart attack. However, such results require time and commitment.

How CBD Oil Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies show that consuming CBD reduces blood pressure consistently and reliably in healthy individuals. Existing research proves CBD lowering both normal blood pressure and blood pressure triggered by different stressors. For patients with hypertension, this is especially good news, especially if you are already looking for healthier, more effective treatment options.

However, research is still ongoing. There are no studies yet analyzing the effects of CBD on chronic hypertension, but results that do exist have promising indications. Because of this lack of study, which is fast changing as the medical community makes much fuss over the therapeutic properties of CBD and other cannabinoids, using CBD to treat hypertension specifically remains anecdotal and speculative.

Although studies are not yet far along to the point of developing specific treatment protocols for hypertension, many patients are using cannabis and CBD anyway and finding positive results. The only way to know for sure if CBD will effectively lower your blood pressure is to try it and see how it makes you feel. CBD is non-psychoactive, and as such, it cannot make you “high.”

Using CBD for Blood Pressure

This early research promises optimistic potential in the use of CBD for treating hypertension. However, insufficient evidence exists currently to make any definitive conclusions about the mechanisms of action at play, or even if it is, in fact, an effective treatment. Existing studies analyzed the effects of single doses in healthy animals or people. Assuming similar results long-term is scientifically inappropriate.

If single doses prove so effective, then it is likely it will work over time too. CBD lowers blood pressure, but know that too low is also not good. Furthermore, discuss CBD treatment with your doctor before starting it. CBD interacts with some medications, especially hypertension drugs, to lower or increase efficacy, making it imperative that your health care provider helps work out the right dosages.

Some experts also warn that in some cases, blood pressure can sometimes fall too low, dangerously so. This occasionally occurs when treating hypertension with a combination of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, cannabis’s more famous psychoactive compound. THC also lowers blood pressure, and together, CBD and THC may cause levels to drop very low. Be aware of this.

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Although the future of CBD likely holds novel solutions for treating hypertension, there are many healthy ways to lower blood pressure naturally already. In addition to ordering CBD oil online, you can make a few lifestyle improvements, such as reducing and managing stress, bettering your diet, exercising daily or at least regularly, and quitting alcohol and tobacco.

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