6 Reasons Seniors Should Try CBD

The elderly are using more weed. More and more of them are turning to cannabidiol, or CBD, for relief from the many common ailments afflicting seniors today. It works very well, in cases both mild and severe, and offers solutions to many other problems facing the older population. Those stuck in a perpetual cycle of indebtedness to prescription drugs can find new freedom in cannabinoid therapy.

Since cannabinoids treat most illnesses ravaging society today, and so effectively, the overall effect of CBD can improve life quality and happiness significantly. This is especially important when so many suffer so long, often lonely, scared, and on their own. Science is proving the many medicinal properties of CBD, and enough evidence exists for folks to consider ditching prescription drugs for safer options:

1. CBD Is Cheaper than Prescription Drugs

In the United States, folks aged 65 years or older spend exorbitant amounts of money on prescriptions alone. Medications are more expensive for the elderly, who spend much more than younger generations do. Some statistics claim that seniors spend roughly 15 percent of their entire annual income just on prescription drugs alone. Every year, those numbers grow alarmingly.

Some research groups believe that if every state legalized cannabis nationwide, people would save over $400 million on fewer prescriptions alone. Seniors, especially, can get the most benefit from small doses of a CBD-infused tincture for pain. You can also buy CBD online, in oils, edibles, flowers, and even topical salves. Further, it would eliminate the need for taking drugs to combat the side effects of other drugs.

2. Seniors Use More Prescription Drugs than Anyone Else

Opioids are pervading the United States. Entire societies are succumbing to its deadly and addictive effects. The elderly are no exception. In fact, they are worst hit. CBD tincture for pain is increasingly popular for treating chronic, acute, and all types of pain. Folks everywhere, young and old are transitioning off harmful painkillers in favor of CBD, which science proves safer and more effective.

Evidence is mounting to suggest that CBD can help to mitigate, even alleviate, the opioid crisis that the elderly face. Wherever states legalize, a corresponding decline in opioid use, addiction, and overdose occurs. CBD is even helping addicts overcome their addiction. It relieves symptoms of withdrawal, and its ability to dull pain so effectively makes null any need for opioid painkillers altogether.

3. CBD Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline

A group of studies found recently that administering CBD to elderly rodents induced their hippocampi to grow more synapses, or more points for neurons to communicate with each other and transmit signals body-wide. This boosted their cognitive performance significantly, as it causes brain neurons to regrow anew with the capacity to signal messages throughout the body very easily.

Your brain ages with you. As it does, it creates fewer neurons, building fewer synapses for them to communicate. This leads to lack of motor coordination, memory loss, and other signs of cognitive or neural decline. Cannabinoids, including CBD, work by supporting the body’s own endocannabinoids to repair its own damaged synapses, build some new ones, and enhance mental function overall.

4. CBD Edibles are Fun, Easy, and Enjoyable to Make

By the time one experiences life, most know how to cook. Seniors generally love making food, and CBD allows you to get very creative. It puts the fun back into being the home chef. Already CBD recipes are abundantly available online, and once you understand the basics and have a CBD-infused butter, then you can make whatever CBD edibles you feel like today.

The market has much to offer here too. However, sugar is often high, which might not work for diabetics. It is always wise to scrutinize the ingredients of any CBD edibles before buying, or you can use your own at home. According to Harvard University, CBD is highly nutritious. This is especially true if using a full spectrum CBD oil product, which contains a variety of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

5. CBD Improves Mental Health

The elderly suffer immensely from severe mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Sadly, it goes notably underreported. The aging process is itself difficult, and there are life and health changes to face too. These are just a few of the reasons for the shockingly high rates of mental issues afflicting the elderly. Even worse, many then add dangerous anxiolytics and antidepressants to their prescription list.

The side effects of drugs like these often cause even more problems than they resolve. They are very addictive too, leaving many seniors relying heavily on them on a daily basis. CBD is natural, and it boosts mood naturally. Many studies now prove CBD effective at fighting stress and related disorders, including severe anxiety and depression. Research shows CBD greatly improving quality of life in all users.

6. Seniors Now Have Options

Conventional medicine leaves few choices for those needing help. Many prescription drugs affect the body badly, especially the brain. Most leave you feeling drugged, sluggish, dizzy, and just too tired and mentally foggy to care about life. Cannabinoids give folks new control over their health choices. With CBD available, seniors have a healthier, safer, and even more effective way to treat their complaints.

CBD is non-psychoactive. As such, it cannot make users “high.” Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is responsible for the buzz, CBD allows you to retain full control of your body and mind. Most drugs do not allow this. The elderly now have a way to avoid the nasty effects of most medications, as well as THC. CBD allows you to stay completely sober and symptom free.

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CBD offers many benefits for senior citizens. It is non-addictive, more affordable than prescription drugs, and free of their many horrible side effects. It can lower their consumption of harmful drugs, while allowing folks to treat themselves effectively for an array of health issues. You can find a quality CBD tincture for pain online, or you can consume it in other, just as effective ways, such as oils and capsules.

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