• Where to Buy CBD Oil in 2018

    05 Oct, 2018

    Where to Buy CBD Oil in 2018

    Where to Buy CBD Oil in 2018 Showing interest in using CBD oil in your life is one thing, finding CBD oil is quite another. One thing to keep in mind about CBD and CBD oil products is that they are still under the cannabis umbrella. This means that finding CBD products will absolutely depend on where you live. In states where marijuana has been legalized, CBD is far more common to find. However, what about the other half of the country? If you find that live in a state […]

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  • CBD Safe or Addictive?

    03 Oct, 2018

    CBD Safe or Addictive?

    CBD Safe or Addictive? Recently, the World Health Organization released a statement saying that CBD is completely safe and has zero potential for abuse. However, there are a few factors to be aware of when buying your CBD oil. In recent months CBD has exploded in mainstream culture. We are currently in a time of change; never before has there been so much interest and research being funneled into cannabis. For some, the change couldn’t have come sooner while others are still doubtful about the question: Is CBD Safe? For […]

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  • Is CBD Oil Legal In All 50 States?

    01 Oct, 2018

    Is CBD Oil Legal In All 50 States?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is fast outshining tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in becoming the focal point of scientific attention. CBD, unlike THC, is one of the many non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It makes nobody stoned and, it turns out, CBD has a horde of medicinal qualities. Research proves CBD safe and unmistakably effective at treating a range of health conditions. Understanding CBD Laws However, despite the fact that CBD does not impair mental function, it remains an illegal substance under federal marijuana laws. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, […]

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