CBD and Epilepsy – Friend or Foe?

The benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, in treating epilepsy are already legendary. Thousands are trying it reporting astonishingly positive results. Studies are continual, still ongoing, but many now support these claims with gusto. Uncontrollable seizures, which are persistent, consistent, and frankly debilitating, require urgent help. Common drugs prescribed as treatment simply fail in that objective.

Epilepsy pioneered legalization. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, the widespread success reported by patients using CBD prompted its unbanning across the United States. This freed cannabis for research. Ever since, studies have been revealing more of its many medicinal benefits, as well as of other cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, for those who may feel so inclined.

What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a horrible medical affliction that affects people from all walks of society. There are no age limitations. Children and adults alike suffer uncontrollable seizures that can terrify even the calmest of heads. Its causes remain largely unknown, but several suspects are likely. Genetics is one, but trauma is another, including both injury and serious trauma to the brain.

Current medications to treat epilepsy involve stabilizing receptors buried deep inside the brain. Seizures typically occur when the brain’s circuitry experiences disruption. This then triggers an “electrical overload,” which in turn creates an involuntary response. The result is seizures, often huge and uncontrollable ones, and in the worst cases, even life-threatening convulsions.

On its own, a seizure can cause brain damage to some degree or another. However, the biggest immediate concerns are accidents that folks have while incapacitated. They fall into pools, fall down stairs, fall asleep behind the wheel, and on it goes. Epilepsy exists in different categories. There are infantile spasms, for example, Cortial Dysplasia, Dravet Syndrome, Doose Syndrome, and more.

To THC or Not to THC?

There are more than 100 cannabinoids in hemp plants. CBD is but one of them. THC is another, even more famous, but there are others too, such as cannabigerol, or CBG, cannabinol, or CBN, and more. THC is the only one that is psychoactive. It, and it alone, makes you stoned, not any the others. For this reasons, CBD is most preferable to those who do not enjoy the buzz, along with children and pets.

For treating epilepsy, pure CBD oil products are essential. Think quality edibles for pain, tested CBD capsules and then only the finest will do. When using CBD medicinally, to treat severe conditions such as this, success depends on using a highly concentrated CBD extract, with or without THC. While some patients report benefiting from trace quantities of THC, CBD remains the most pivotal, and lots of it too.

What the Studies Say

Antiepileptic drugs are notoriously ineffective. They do not work long. You quickly build resistance after some use, rendering them useless after a while. This tolerance actually starts to increase seizure activity over time. For sufferers, finding a safer, more effective alternative is paramount. The potential of CBD can prevent further damage and improve quality of life.

In clinical trials over the last few years, studies have been focusing on the effects of potent CBD on epilepsy. Results are hopeful. Lancet Laboratory published a study by Professor Orrin Devinsky and team. After analyzing 162 sufferers, documenting their CBD journey for three months, they found 39.5 percent of them experiencing fewer seizures. At least two were seizure-free at study’s end.

The efficacy of CBD in treating epilepsy has long been the subject of controversy among doctors, scientists, and patients. More studies are emerging, however. It is clear that CBD helps. Orrin’s study was the first to investigate seizure response to CBD. It was also the first to go mainstream. His results, as well as findings from other studies since, prove CBD highly beneficial for epilepsy patients.

Despite this excitement, caution remains. Research is still underway. While findings thus far are optimistic, trialing treatments takes time. Most consider CBD a breakthrough therapy for epileptics, as well as those suffering some other neurological issues. Fortunately, CBD is now legal nationwide. Hemp is federally legal, along with all of its derivatives, including CBD oil products, such as CBD capsules.

Buy Hemp Oil Online

You can find all manner of CBD products online. There are CBD edibles for pain, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, and more. If science proves CBD this capable of reducing seizure activity in even severe cases, then it confirms people’s many testimonies. CBD works. People offer living proof of it. Folks are living better lives. You can too. Just be sure to discuss any plans for CBD therapy with your doctor first.

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