What Is Hemp Flower and What Makes It So Popular?
Published 05 Jul 2020

Hemp flower, or hemp bud, CBD bud, or CBD flower, is the female hemp flower at full bloom. In this state, it is secreting resins and cannabinoids in a bid to attract male pollen to make seeds. They are pungent, trying to get the attention of bugs everywhere. This is when you want to harvest them. When they are ripe with cannabinoids, but before pollination, before they produce seeds.

Understanding CBD Hemp Flower

Cannabidiol, or CBD, the active compound in CBD flower, is not the only cannabinoid in hemp plants. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabis makes over 100 of them, including its more famous tetrahydrocannabinol, or psychoactive THC. However, hemp plants contain little to no THC. In fact, hemp defines as cannabis plants that produce less than .3 percent THC. Not enough to get “high.”

While smoking weed has always been the domain of those looking for the stone, this is not the case anymore. More and more people are using hemp to get all the benefits of cannabis, but without the stone. For many, the buzz makes work life difficult and can get a bit much too often. The alternative is hemp flower, completely non-psychoactive, yet abundant in CBD and other therapeutic cannabinoids.

Legality of CBD Hemp Flower

Although hemp bud smells, tastes, looks, feels, and even smokes like weed, it is very low in THC, as in quantities are miniscule. Certainly insufficient for any psychoactive effects. The federal government defined hemp separately from marijuana back in 2014, but in 2018, it enacted the Agricultural Improvement Act, or the Farm Bill. This legalized hemp and all its derivatives nationwide, federally.

Proven medicinal, with therapeutic effects capable of relief for many, the legality of hemp is a human rights issue. People use it to relieve stress, pain, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, seizures, cancers, appetite problems, vomiting, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and so much more. Research is underway. Results on continually promising for a wide array of uses.

Popularity of CBD Hemp Flower

Raw hemp bud contains natural cannabinoids, still inert, inactive. Before CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, or any other cannabinoid activate, they exist in primary form, such as CBDA, CBCA, CBGA, THCA, and more. Carboxylation is necessary to convert them, which requires heat. Smoking buds has many advantages, the activation of cannabinoids, medicinal properties, and legality of bud just a few of them.

Lab-tested CBD oil products are seemingly everywhere today. They are widely accessible, easily available. You can buy hemp oil online, at your nearest Target store. From CBD oil and tinctures to gels, capsules, edibles, and other CBD products, hemp flower remains incredibly popular. Why is this? Even healthy folks smoke them, mainly to boost immune health and to prevent modern day conditions.

Increasing Craft Market

Artisanal hemp is wildly popular among breeders. Folks are crossing their own strains to make their own unique hybrids, often with CBD-heavy production in mind. It is now an art. Growing buds with exceptional smell, taste, and aesthetic value, different strains of high quality. Craft hemp flower is a market now all its own, with choices ranging from hemp buds to high-CBD marijuana-bred strains.

As with all fine wines and coffees, appreciation of pot requires experimentation. Hundreds of hemp cultivars exist, all with unique cannabinoid levels, all ranging from full spectrum to isolate. The CBD buds available are many, and each have their own terpenoid profiles with their own effects and uses too. The cultivation of artisanal hemp strains is a growing niche, one exploding in popularity worldwide.

No-Buzz Medicine and Nutrition

A primary reason for the popularity of hemp buds is their whole plant nutrition. Whether smoked or eaten, CBD hemp flower offers full spectrum benefits. It is rich in a variety of cannabinoids, even minute traces of THC, and offers the most therapeutic properties. What is more, you get all of this without the intoxicating side effects of traditional cannabis use. Hemp buds will never make stoned. Never.

What you get is the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, even flavonoids produced in these resin-heavy buds. You get all of its nutrients, hailed by nutritionists the next superfood, able to end world hunger. You get all of its medicinal effects, hailed by doctors as the next miracle therapy. You get treatment and you get it now, without losing any of your mental or physical faculties. You can work.

Stronger Sedative Properties

Hemp flower is more physically relaxing. The sedative effects of cannabis are not only attributable to THC. CBD itself is quite tranquilizing, especially in high doses. Especially combined with myrcene and other sleepy terpenes. Further, inhaling is the fastest method of absorption. You feel effects faster. If you need pain relief now and not in two hours, then smoking buds is most effective and helpful.

The tranquilizing effects of CBD are legendary. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, hemp flower is very relaxing, sufficiently so to treat even severe anxiety and insomnia. It is antispasmodic too, as well as muscle relaxant. It effectively numbs body and helps you to calm down, making a workday easier. In doses designed for it, CBD buds will ensure fitful, lengthy sleep until morning.

Managing the THC Buzz

For those who do like to get stoned, and really stoned, as in they need some help managing the effects of said stoned, then CBD is the perfect antidote. It mitigates the effects of too much THC, proving the only ideal relief for those who consume too much. As Science Daily explains, CBD moderates THC, blocking it from binding to receptors. Now though, with THC so high in some strains, CBD is crucial.

Buy Hemp Oil Online

You can buy CBD oil most anywhere these days, but buds are a mite more challenging. You need to visit a marijuana dispensary to find select CBD hemp flower. Of course, you can order lab-tested CBD oil products online, along with the best CBD bud, anywhere in the United States. The legalization of hemp, and all its buds and extracts, under the Farm Bill was the single most wonderful news of 2018.


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