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Published 21 Aug 2018

Top Things to Consider When You Buy CBD Online

There are a few things to remember when you order CBD oil. They are not all equal. The best CBD products are effective for medical use, but there are many with ineffective levels of CBD in them. As research discovers more and more benefits of CBD oil, people are buying them in droves. The market is literally satiated with different products, making it even more important that you do your research.

Recently, as California began testing products in its pot industry, authorities found manufacturers either lying about cannabinoid concentrations on product labels or sending them to laboratory centers who are conducting inaccurate tests. Hemp seed CBD oils, found mostly in health food and grocery stores, contain only trace amounts of CBD, for example.

Although hemp seeds are an excellent source of nutrition, they are extremely low in CBD on a per-weight basis. This makes them irrelevant for those wanting the best CBD products for medical reasons. Of the CBD oil available, their high CBD levels, consistent cannabinoid content, and high safety standards set quality products apart from all others. It is critical that you know the difference. How do you tell?

Is It Marijuana- or Hemp-Derived?

CBD oil is a derivative of cannabis Sativa plants. Both hemp and marijuana are members of the cannabis family. However, marijuana contains an abundance of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the compound that makes users “high.” Hemp, on the other hand, contains less than 0.03 percent THC, so it will not make you stoned. Even so, it is still possible for drug tests to pick up minute traces of it.

If a CBD oil derives from marijuana, then it will contain THC, as well as CBD, the levels of which it should say on the bottle, if it is, in fact, a quality product. These oils offer the “entourage effect,” or combined benefits, but they consistently fail drug tests and will make you “high.” Hemp-derived CBD oils contain little to no THC, certainly not enough to alter your mental state, which makes it ideal for kids and pets.

Has It Been for Safety Testing?

The best CBD products go to a laboratory for rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards. This is compulsory by law, but not everyone complies. Since hemp plants are bio-accumulators, they absorb pollutants in nearby soils. This is why they should go for testing to guarantee they are free of contaminants, heavy metals, mold, fungus, mildew, yeast, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

Furthermore, farmers should not use any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers while their plants are growing. Most hemp-derived CBD oils in the United States use Europe-grown hemp, where such contaminants are illegal. The European Union outlaws genetically modified crops. Testing ensures no residual solvents or other chemicals in the CBD oils that you buy, thereby ensuring their safety.

What are the Levels of CBD?

Most people consuming CBD are either doing so to manage a medical condition or to improve their general health. Everyone who uses it wants to benefit from its therapeutic properties. This is why a CBD oil with consistently high levels of CBD is so important. CBD works by interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The concentration of CBD in a product will greatly affect its efficacy.

CBD levels vary between products. In fact, they are wildly inconsistent. Approximately 3,000 unique cultivars of CBD-rich plants exist. Ideally, CBD products should contain hemp oil derived from the stalks of plants naturally abundant in CBD already. Moreover, you want to choose a CBD oil that has been through decarboxylation, or heating, as this increases its CBD percentage enormously.

You should always check to see if a CBD oil specifically lists the CBD concentration that it contains, as opposed to just referencing terms such as “hemp extract” or “hemp concentrate.” Additionally, testing will provide accurate information about exact CBD levels, stating if they are what they claim to be and whether they are consistent across an entire range of CBD products.

Medical patients, particularly, rely heavily on consuming a specific quantity of CBD on a frequent basis. They must have confidence that concentrations are consistent and that they are getting the cannabidiol they need to treat a condition in effective doses. Taking consistent and high levels of CBD is the only way for you and your physician to treat your health issues with any effectiveness at all.

Buy CBD Online

You can order CBD oil from a licensed weed dispensary in California. There are many available, and of the highest quality. Just be sure to investigate the company and its products before parting with any of your money. You want to see testing analysis on the product label, and you want only those with high concentrations of CBD. Scrutinize its customer reviews, as well, as this will give you crucial insight.

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