Why Are CBD Topicals and Rubs Becoming So Popular?

You have likely heard about the benefits of CBD topicals by now. Not only is cannabidiol, or CBD, good for your skin, but it also relieves arthritis, treats burns, and makes a good massage oil. These effects barely scratch the surface, however. Lab-tested CBD oil products are exploding in popularity. Not just in California, but also around the world. There are numerous excellent reasons for this.

CBD topicals act peripherally. They do not enter the bloodstream. This means that even if psychoactive THC levels were high, which they are not, it would never make you stoned. Instead, you benefit from all the cannabinoids in cannabis, just without the buzz. Secondly, it is available in all manner of CBD products, from oils, sprays, balms, lotions, and even lubricants. You can apply them liberally too.

There is more, though, to explain why CBD products are so popular:

·Effective Topical Oil for Pain

CBD is particularly good at providing relief from all types of pain, whether back, knee, acute, or chronic. CBD topicals treat a specific area, offering localized treatment at pain’s source. More importantly, CBD is fast acting. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, full spectrum cannabinoids bind with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, providing quick and effective relief where it matters most.

·Heightens Sexual Pleasure

Companies are infusing CBD into lubricants, where it works to enhance sexual pleasure. Not only are many cannabinoids aphrodisiacs, especially for women, but CBD also stimulates neural response, making the skin more sensitive. More and more folks are bringing CBD products into their bedrooms. It is a popular compound for tantric sex practices and other ancient arts of love. It adds romance too.

·Resolves Skin Irritations

For abrasions and scratches to bug bites and other skin irritations, CBD products and salves are especially helpful. They offer pain relief locally, at its source, and they reduce swelling too. According to Harvard Medical School, CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is also antibacterial. However, check ingredients before buying. Not all CBD is quality. Some have additives that may irritate your skin more.

·Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a painful skin issue characterized by an overproduction of skin cells. The result is sore, red, itchy patches all over the skin. It is embarrassing. It is uncomfortable. For sufferers, treatment options are few. The condition has no cure. The U.S. National Library of Medicine tells us that CBD inhibits buildup of dead skin cells. The precise cause of psoriasis. Studies prove it. Anecdotal evidence proves it.

·Powerful Antiaging Properties

CBD topicals keep the skin youthful. Most cannabinoids have antiaging properties, literally slowing the aging process. CBD is an antioxidant, which is how it speeds healing and prevents tissue damage caused by the environment. It is stronger than Vitamins C and E, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine says. Not only does CBD keep your skin young for longer, but it makes it healthier too, vibrant and glowing.

·Strong Anti-Arthritic Effects

CBD is capable of relieving even the worst pain: Arthritis. The World Health Organization claims 350 million people have it worldwide. It affects everyone, not just the elderly. It is painful, causing swelling of the joints and inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties, CBD works well to treat arthritis-related pain and reduce joint swelling. Patients are notably more mobile too.

·Quickly Heals Burns

Burns are more painful than most anything else is. Recovery can take weeks. Months. Even years, depending on burn severity. Inflammation is responsible for much of the pain, and as discussed already, CBD is highly anti-inflammatory. What is more, some evidence suggests that CBD actually quickens the rate of healing. It triggers production of new, healthy skin cells. More study is busy, with exciting results.

·Notably Antibacterial

Most cannabinoids, explains the U.S. National Library of Medicine, including CBD, are antibacterial. CBD products, especially full spectrum ones, treat cellulitis, boils, folliculitis, impetigo, and other bacterial skin infections. It causes no resistance, unlike other antibiotics. It might even stop resistance-famous infections, like MRSA, as this study concluded in 2008, with astonishing results notable for attention:

“All five major cannabinoids tested, being cannabidiol, cannabichromene, cannabigerol, tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabinol, showed potent activity against a variety of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, strains of current clinical relevance.”

·Perfect for Therapeutic Massage

CBD products are likely superior to other massage oils. Science suggests as much when you weigh all CBD’s medicinal properties against others. CBD targets endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, relaxing muscles, treating pain, eliminating inflammation, and soothing body and mind. Even masseuses themselves notice healing in their own bodies just from giving massages with CBD, such as pain relief.

Buy Lab-Tested CBD Oil Products Only

Sadly, not all CBD products are effective. Some are useless. Quality varies enormously, making it important to know what you are buying. Topical oil for pain should work, for example, and only laboratory analysis can tell you how much CBD and other cannabinoids a product contains. Quality is important, non-negotiable, when buying CBD products. Too little CBD renders a product ineffective.

The popularity of CBD topicals and rubs is almost self-explanatory when you consider all the benefits of cannabinoid therapy. Full spectrum CBD topicals contain all cannabinoids in the original hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum CBD has all but THC. CBD isolates contain pure CBD extract. No other cannabinoids at all. When choosing CBD topicals, the more cannabinoids, the better.

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