How to Add Some High-Tech to Your High

Marijuana has come a long way from hot boxed joints in the back of run down vans. The fusion of cannabis and technology may surprise you.

While the introduction of vaporizing pens in the cannabis community was a big deal, it didn’t stop there. With the help of technology and some super smart minds, the possibilities for marijuana consumption are endless. If you find that you always have to have the latest phone or tech-savvy computer, these cannabis wonders are perfect for you. Here are some of the best ways that you can fuel your high with high-tech flair.

420 Scope



420 Science has been helping to lead the way when it comes to combining technology with cannabis. The introduction of the groundbreaking product, the 420 Scope, has been helping cannabis fans and researchers learn more about marijuana each day. The science behind this scope is really rather simple. Working much like a high powered microscope, the 420 Scope allows people to examine marijuana up to 800x magnification.

This works in partnership with a high definition camera that offers new views on how marijuana is grown and harvested. Not only can people get a clear view of the crystals that form on buds but also the trichomes. This will help researchers in the future understand better how the chemical compounds of marijuana work as a medicine. The hope is that the more that we learn, the more likely we can move toward total decriminalization.

Cannabis Patch


Medical patches are seemingly available for all different types of medications. This is one of the best ways to introduce treatments directly to the bloodstream. From pain relief patches to patches that help patients quit smoking, there is the limit to what these magical slices of plastic can do. Naturally, cannabis researchers have found a way to combine the technology behind medical patches with the progression of marijuana as medicine.

The brains behind these innovative patches are Manna Molecular Science centers. Using the top of the line technologies like 3D printers, MMS is able to create high-quality patches as another option for cannabis patients. These patches provide round the clock treatment that helps with pain as well as mood disorders. This gives patients more options when it comes to treating ailments in a more discreet and effective way.

Puffico Peaks

Puffico Peaks

This high tech bong and vaporizing combo have been all the rage at cannabis conventions over the past year. Some have even stated that it is the most exciting thing to come out of cannabis style tech in over a decade. This vaporizer looks much like a personal steamer that people use to help clear their sinuses. This battery operated device literally chills the cannabis vapors giving the patients a cooling and enjoyable smoking experience.

Best of all, it only takes less than 20 seconds for the device to heat up your product. Along with this, patients can also customize the way they smoke. From temperature settings to how strong of a vapor stream they get, the patient is in complete control. When it comes to the Puffico Peaks, sharing is caring. This vaporizer adjusts for each person depending on their needs. So you can pass around the same bong and each person can get a completely customized experience without missing a beat. While the Puffico Peak will run a pretty penny, it is only a small taste of the tech-savvy things to come.

LEAF Cabinet

marijuana leaf cabinet

This next high tech cannabis product is perfect for people who want to grow their own product but don’t have the right space. This conveniently sized growing cabinet has everything any budding grower needs without overtaking their home. The LEAF cabinet is comparable to other in home appliances and will not only help your grow but will also help you customize your harvest.

The best part about the LEAF system is that it is completely controllable through your phone device. Using an app, the growing closet can control temperature and moisture with a touch of a button. Also, the LEAF cabinet also features its own filtration system that means you house will never have that distinctive skunk smell. You can even use the LEAF system to grow other high-quality vegetation.

Final Thoughts

While most of these products have caused the cannabis community to have a more streamlined marijuana experience, they have done much more. They have lit a fire inside tech-savvy supporters so that they can continue to deliver out of this word products. While it seems like this is just beginning of cannabis integration, it is certainly not the end.

Scientists and inventors are constantly looking for new ways to expand the community. From products that can sync to your phones to products that leave a very little carbon footprint, the movement is going in the right direction. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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