Lab-Tested CBD Oil Products
Published 10 Oct 2019

Marketing your own cannabidiol, or CBD for sale is not an easy feat. You first need to make it, and make it of the finest quality according to stringent regulatory requirements, and then you need to introduce it to market and advertise it to consumers. If the product is good, consumers will be back for more. If not, perhaps not, but without getting your product out there, nobody will ever get the opportunity to try it.

Joining the CBD Market

The existing market for CBD is currently wide open. You do not even need a niche in the industry just yet, although specializing is always wise. By 2024, where, according to Forbes, the CBD market will likely hit $20 billion and over, consumers will likely have an overwhelming selection of available products. Starting now will give you an enormous, unmissable competitive advantage in building consumer trust.

Entrepreneurs are filling the space quickly, however. Competition is getting rife. You must get some basics right if you are to have any success introducing CBD extract to market, whether it is CBD oil for sale or any other lab-tested CBD oil products. It is important for newbies to the space to establish their brand as successful from the outset, and avoid being too obviously a novice. Here is how:

Get a Physical Address

Having an actual address from where to sell your products has always had the biggest rate of reorders from customers, which practically guarantees some success. Whether you establish an office at a mall, drug store, treatment center, pain clinic, doctor, hairdresser, even a pet store, just have a location. Actual locations build loyal customers more readily than selling solely and invisibly online.

Folks do not really care about your physical address, frankly. They just want to know they can talk to someone, anyone, if they have questions, complaints, or compliments. You being contactable are of primary importance, and this includes having other legitimate and professional details, such as a Skype address, relevant social media accounts, and other means of availing yourself to consumers.

Maximize Your Best Attributes

Learn to capitalize on what you are good at, your strengths, and the best features of your product. What makes your brand and product special? Is it different and unique, worthy to purchase? What can you offer consumers that other suppliers cannot, and then, how can you market your blend of strengths to the wider CBD community?

Highlight the quality of your product. Its flavor. Its purity. The fact you send it for testing at an independent laboratory. Start simply. Create a website, build your social media presence within your targeted audience, and then send some samples to top social media influencers on various platforms. That is just one idea. There are many others. Standing out is easy, if you know how.

Choose Your Products

You can sell your own lab-tested CBD oil products or you can sell those made by an existing brand, introducing their products to market instead. For this you do not need an actual store, just solid contactables. You can collaborate with a supplier already trusted in the space or, if making your own CBD extract, build that connective web of trust from scratch. You do this with personalization.

Have a Face-to-Face Presence

As the online world grows, there are many ways, growing daily, to sell CBD, and just as many ways to benefit from this quirky market, but being personable and meeting people face to face remains the most successful. It creates the longest, most lasting impression, a real bond. Consider making videos, as that is the most personal way of reaching consumers, and be willing to make video calls, travel, and more.

Advertise CBD Oil for Sale

Once you build some credibility as a trusted brand with these suggestions, you can start advertising your CBD extract in the legal marketplace. As well as comply with all of its regulatory requirements, which include intense safety and quality controls. That remains key: If consumers love your products, they will succeed in any market. Make sure they come back for more and it will sell itself.


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