Published 15 Apr 2019

Everybody has felt the agony of an acne breakout at least once in his or her life. Although prevalent during adolescence, adults suffer greatly too, and in huge numbers. Its causes are many and complex, and as such, the need to treat them all birthed many different products for it, from creams to swabs, even pills, and now, cannabidiol, or CBD, a primary cannabinoid found in cannabis plants.

Studies show CBD with huge medicinal potential. It has an immense array of proven health benefits, with scientists discovering new therapeutic uses for it near daily. Mounting evidence gives much hope that CBD may well prove effective at treating acne in small doses, large doses, internally, and externally. Furthermore, the list of skin benefits associated with CBD oil products is almost too many to mention.

Understanding Acne

According to Mayo Clinic, acne occurs in its most basic form as a hair follicle blocked with dead cells and sebaceous oil, your skin’s natural moisturizer. It can vary in severity, with most people having some form of acne during their lives. There are four different kinds of acne, characterized as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and cysts, all of which are unpleasant, and some of which are worse.

Whiteheads are just clogged pores. They bulge right at the follicle wall. Blackheads, on the other hand, are pores congested with oil and bacteria. They are slightly worse than whiteheads. Pimples are awful. They happen when the bacteria cause inflammation at the tip of the follicle and can be painful. Cysts are big blockages combined with inflammation deep within the follicle itself. They are excruciating.

The causes of acne and its severity are varied. For some, it can be hereditary, a condition passed down through their genes. For others, it can be an excess production of sebaceous oil, which is itself a potential symptom of another underlying issue. Even diet. Stress can trigger flare-ups, environmental toxins and particles can have a similar effect. The only way to know is through a process of elimination.

Current Treatments for Acne

Today, most acne treatments involve an arsenal of astringent wipes and topical creams. If severe enough, it may even warrant medications, themselves dangerous and with side effects that many consider worse than just having acne. Retinol-rich topical creams stimulate cell growth, increasing cell turnover and pushing blocked pores out. They and require continuous treatment, but it can take as long as two months for you to see any improvement.

Face washes and astringent wipes remove the buildup of oil causing the acne. If you use them daily, they can work to keep pores open. However, they have a reputation for drying the skin out and causing irritation, both of which lead to further complications. Acne drugs, such as antibiotics, stop the bacteria from blocking pores in whitehead and cyst cases, but they also have side effects, very unpleasant ones.

Medications for treating acne increase light sensitivity to the point of making the sun dangerous. They cause liver damage, and you pay a fortune for it. In the end, no current treatments available have any effect on any of the primary causes of acne, so you are just treating the symptoms. CBD treats the actual cause of your acne, and it does so safely, effectively, and without any side effects.

How CBD Works

CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants, is rich in a variety of medicinal properties that can treat acne at its root cause. This is because of the importance of the endocannabinoid system in regulating skin cells and other bodily processes. The right cannabinoids act as endocannabinoids, targeting receptors just as efficiently, and providing support to this system when it malfunctions.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a 2014 study proved the endocannabinoid system responsible for controlling oil production, inflammation, and skin cell growth. It found oral and topical CBD able to regulate the sebaceous activity, lower inflammation, and stimulate the growth of new cells. An American Academy of Dermatology study supported these findings.

Additionally, when applied topically, CBD heals blemishes much faster than other treatments. This is due to its abundance of vitamin E and its many healing skin benefits. According to the Journal of Psychopharmacology, CBD is also a powerful anxiolytic, which means it contains anti-anxiety properties. This reduces stress, which helps to keep outbreaks at bay.

Buy CBD Online

Many different CBD oil products exist. Knowing which ones will work for acne and for your specific skin type can get confusing. The market is huge and growing, and sadly, many inferior products find their way into it. Look for all-natural products enriched with a pure, full-spectrum CBD oil and use it every day, such as CBD salves, CBD facial butter, or CBD organic creams.

For a simpler option, invest in a full-spectrum, pure CBD oil. You can mix this into your own coconut oil for a basic moisturizer, or you can use the oil directly as a spot treatment for acne. You can add a drop or two under your tongue or to food and drinks for some internal benefits too. CBD strengthens the immune system and treats inflammation even more effectively from the inside.

You can find all of these products and more online. More and more people Buy CBD online than ever before. The choice is bigger, delivery direct. CBD oil products are the latest trend in the beauty industry, with millions of people now adding it to their daily skin care routine. The evidence is showing. Hundreds of thousands of anecdotal reports exist to prove it works, all of these testimonies online.

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