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Published 02 Jul 2018

In silence, billions of people around the world are suffering from depression. The epidemic is widespread and serious, and yet, people still do not want to talk about it, preferring to ignore it. It affects people from all countries; all walks of life and is responsible for increasing suicide rates. As sufferers do not how to cope with the issue, as many as 800,000 end their lives every single day.

The problem is no longer one we can ignore. Depression is killing people, who feel so hopeless that anything good can ever happen in their lives. Now, with more and more scientists studying the effects of cannabidiol, or cannabis CBD, groundbreaking research is showing that there is help for that enduring depression, and it is readily available.

People have been using cannabis CBD for thousands of years already, and for a wide array of applications. Derived from hemp, only recently is it becoming popular in Western societies to treat a variety of common to severe ailments. CBD oil capsules and other CBD extracts, including CBD oil, can heighten awareness and improve mood.

As legalization continues to gain momentum across the United States and the world, the stigma attached to hemp products is finally dying in all societies. People are now realizing the medical potential of cannabis plants; including hemp, even welcoming them, and scientists are uncovering the real benefits of CBD for therapeutic purposes.

The Effects of Depression on People

Depression affects the brain. It causes an increase in the production of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress and feelings of depression and loneliness. Feeling blue is not the only issue, though. It also leads to serious memory problems. Too much cortisol increases the size of the amygdala and it shrinks the prefrontal cortex. This leads to emotional instability and difficulty making rational decisions.

Most people try to cope with depression by themselves. However, since it is a physiological issue, medical intervention is important. You cannot shrug it off to deal with later, as this spells major trouble. Medications vary between sufferers. Some take oral prescriptions, while others take riskier, stronger treatments, such as psychotherapy and brain stimulation. With CBD oil available, this is unnecessary.

The Effects of Cannabis CBD on the Brain

Peer-reviewed studies prove that CBD is highly effective at fighting off both depression and anxiety. It has the ability to slow the production of cortisol and regulate levels of it. Furthermore, CBD does not interfere with the functioning of serotonin and dopamine receptors, besides increasing their levels, which play a crucial role in stabilizing mood.

Additionally, CBD treats insomnia associated with depression. It can calm you and lull you into a fitful sleep, and with the help of CBD capsules or CBD oil, you will not feel as annoyed with life anymore. While many consider depression an illness of the mind, it definitely causes physical symptoms that can have nasty consequences, such as headaches, joint pain, tummy upset, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

How CBD Combats Depression

For treating depression, CBD is effective no matter how you use it. You can mix it in your drinks or add it to your food. You can swallow CBD oil capsules. You can apply a drop or two directly on the tongue, or you can rub it onto affected areas for targeted relief of symptoms, such as on your temples if you have a headache. There are many ways to use CBD, so choose whichever is most comfortable for you.

It is important to consider the concentration of CBD in the products you are using. There should be accompanying instructions, or at the very least, details on the package itself. Some products contain as much as 80 percent CBD, while others have only 15 percent. You only need to use a certain amount at a time, which is why you should find a dropper with your CBD purchases.

Always start with the smallest dosage possible first. Once you know how it affects you, you can increase the number of CBD oil capsules or drops that you consume. Among depressives, there has been a remarkable increase in those using CBD, and now with cannabis legal in more and more states, it is not that difficult to find anymore. In fact, you can find an abundance of pure CBD oil online.

CBD offers all the benefits of cannabis, which are many, but without the typical “high” associated with marijuana use. Cannabidiol is but one cannabinoid found in marijuana plants, but unlike THC, it is not psychoactive and cannot make you stoned. Most manufacturers derive CBD from hemp, which is itself non-psychoactive, as it contains less than 0.03 percent THC, which is about non-existent.

Since cannabidiol suppresses various chemical receptors in the brain, it works to address depression by lowering the production of and rebalancing these chemicals, particularly by lowering cortisol and increasing serotonin in the bloodstream. Despite being legal and easily available, however, you may still need to get a recommendation letter from your doctor before you can buy CBD oil online or anywhere.

Despite this hurdle, more and more people are using CBD to treat their depression. Besides raising levels of serotonin, CBD makes it easier to sleep. Sufficient sleep is a natural mood enhancer, but it also stops you from running dangerous thoughts through your mind at all times of the night, and it makes you more amenable to other people.

Final Thoughts

Your physical health has a close relationship to your mental health. It is vitally important that anyone with depression get help sooner rather than later. With CBD oil capsules and other best CBD oil product online, you will find yourself better able to cope with the issue and return your mind to a healthy state. CBD is fast becoming the go-to solution for a deadly problem afflicting the world at large.

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