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Published 06 Aug 2018

Blocked arteries are the cause of heart attacks and strokes and scientists have now discovered that CBD oil can prevent that clogging.

Cardiovascular ailments claim 760,000 American lives every year but the wonders of CBD hemp oil as a preventative treatment is now attracting a lot of attention both by patients and researchers.


Blood clots and ruptured vessels cause strokes, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain. That, in turn, can lead to brain damage which affects speech, mobility, and memory. But now scientists believe that CBD hemp oil can help to prevent post-stroke brain damage.

After a stroke, our bodies produce a chemical called glutamate which prevents oxygen from reaching the brain but now researchers have found that CBD hemp oil can block that compound and so prevent the death of oxygen-starved brain cells. To date, clinical trials have only been performed on rats.

Heart attacks

Much research has also been undertaken into the effects of CBD hemp oil to counteract heart attacks. Here, too, CBD administered to animals pre-cardiac arrest reduced stress and acted as an anti-inflammatory. It also prevented brain cell damage. What was of particular importance was that researchers found that CBD protected the left ventricle which is responsible for the distribution of oxygenated blood to the brain.

Studies conducted on humans found that CBD oil lowers the odds of heart attacks among diabetics because it acts as a shield to prevent arterial damage after long-term sugar use.CBD lowers vascular stress, allowing blood vessels to flow freely.

CBD is a potent muscle relaxant

Information gathered at clinical trials and research over the years led to the release of a review back in 2013 that stated that CBD “is beneficial in the cardiovascular system”. The report stated that CBD acts as a potent relaxant to reduce the tension build-up in blood vessel walls while decreasing vascular pressure and concluded that data supported CBD as a cardiovascular treatment.

But it is the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of CBD that has attracted a load of medical interest. Apart from its benefits to treat cardiovascular episodes, researchers have also found that CBD is an effective treatment for a wide-ranging number of disorders including cancer, colitis, diabetes and Huntington’s disease.


While there can be no argument that more research is needed to uncover the full spectrum of medical health conditions that CBD hemp oil can be used to treat, trials conducted to date have proven its value as a non-intrusive, safe and decidedly less dangerous medication than addictive opioids.

Animal trials show that CBD is a safe treatment for people suffering from heart attacks and strokes. It helps to prevent clogging of the arteries and is an acknowledged treatment to reduce high blood pressure levels.

A healthy lifestyle which incorporates a nutritious diet, exercise, and relaxation, will help patients to ward off heart attacks and strokes but it is CBD that can allow oxygenated blood to flow freely to the brain, so preventing physical side-effects such as speech impediments and paralyzed limbs.

While an increasing number of cardiovascular sufferers are exploring CBD hemp oil as an alternative medication to bad side-effects of intrusive pharmaceuticals, readers are nevertheless urged to first obtain medical advice before plunging into a self-medication regime. However, they can rest assured that CBD is safe to consume and contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides. It is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that undoubtedly helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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