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Published 02 Mar 2020

Anyone wanting to try cannabidiol, or CBD, has so many choices available that choosing can be overwhelming. There are CBD flowers, vaping cartridges, oils, topicals, and yes, even edibles. They contain the best hemp oil extract, and infusing food with CBD is undoubtedly among the most popular ways of consuming it. With a market just bursting with CBD offerings, navigating it can be challenging.

Understanding CBD Edibles

Edibles are cannabis-infused foodstuffs that require no heat to activate their cannabinoids. No need to inhale fire and smoke, or permeate your house with the smell. This is why many people prefer edibles: They are clean, readymade, and easy to use. However, CBD is not psychoactive, not like tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the compound that makes you “high.” CBD does not do that.

Natural oils for health are seemingly everywhere, but there are mainly two types of CBD edibles available: CBD-dominant and a balanced ratio of CBD and THC. Balanced edibles typically have equal parts THC and CBD, some more, some less, whereas CBD-dominant edibles contain very little THC, if any at all. It all depends on whether it derives from hemp or cannabis, or if the company extracts pure CBD.

Which you choose will rely on the effect you want to experience. Because some edibles contain THC, you should expect to enjoy some of the classic psychoactive effects of this cannabinoid, which is the main identifier of cannabis. If you do not want to feel stoned, then CBD-dominant nibbles might be a better choice, since they cannot make you feel intoxicated in any way.

Why CBD Edibles

Ingesting CBD in edible form promises several advantages. The main one is the fact that you do not inhale any smoke into your lungs. Further to its obvious benefits, CBD edibles are also ideal for anyone wanting the convenience of a fast and discreet consumption method. What is more, CBD edibles are comparatively more affordable than other forms of CBD, such as expensive natural oils for health.

Making CBD Edibles

There are three distinct CBD concentrates. You get full-spectrum CBD, which, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, contains all the compounds in cannabis plants, from cannabinoids to terpenes, even flavonoids. Then, there is broad-spectrum CBD, which also has all these compounds, but not THC. Finally, you get CBD isolate, which contains only CBD in its purest form.

Full-spectrum CBD derives from either hemp or cannabis. Note these products are not the same. They offer a different experience. Those derived from cannabis contain every molecular compound in the plant, which includes THC, even in small, often trace quantities, but usually in significant amounts. Hemp contains less than .3 percent THC, so even the best hemp oil extract contains little to no THC.

Most CBD products originate from hemp. It is less common to find cannabis-derived CBD, but it is important to note that both can be full- or broad-spectrum, and both can be CBD isolate. However, since hemp already contains very little THC, its labels will say full-spectrum, since it contains the plant’s full molecular profile. It would be broad-spectrum if from cannabis, since it will have THC removed.

Choosing CBD Edibles

The menu for CBD edibles is already large and growing. You can buy gummies, chocolates, granola bars, hard candies, cakes, cookies, whatever you like really. Gummies are easily the most popular for their small size, ease of dosing, portability, and tastiness, but when deciding on which edibles to try, ask yourself what experience you would enjoy.

If you want to feel psychoactive, then choose a balanced CBD edible. Avoid THC-dominant edibles, as these are not mild but potent. Balanced products are ideal for a slight, yet still functional buzz. Many edibles present a ratio of 1:1, which is typically 10 milligrams of THC to 10 milligrams of CBD. However, there are other edibles with different THC to CBD ratios too, which makes choosing somewhat easier.

If you only want a CBD experience, which focuses primarily around obtaining the health benefits of CBD, then go for a CBD-dominant snack. Whether it derives from hemp or cannabis is up to you, but make sure it contains predominantly CBD. CBD-only edibles are widely available, but because they are isolated extracts, they do not come with guaranteed reliability or consistency.

Buying CBD Edibles

The best hemp oil extract is legal at the federal level across the United States. You can buy hemp-derived CBD most everywhere, including some grocery stores. However, cannabis-derived CBD edibles are only legal in states with liberal marijuana laws. You will need to visit a dispensary or order from a licensed delivery service to get it.

Regardless of which edibles you eventually decide to buy, what form you prefer, or even if it derives from hemp or marijuana, make sure to purchase only those tested by an independent laboratory. Regulations are lax surrounding CBD. You do not know what you will get, or even if you will get CBD at all. Only tested CBD edibles can tell you exactly what they contain. Request a Certificate of Analysis.

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