Does CBD Stay Long in the System?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is more popular today than ever before. In fact, its rising fame is fast catching up to, if not exceeding, the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Natural cbd oil is now legal across the United States, touted for its many, many therapeutic properties. Since science proves CBD safe and effective, more and more folks are using it medicinally and holistically.

The CBD industry is positively flourishing, both in California and nationwide. You can find CBD oil products near everywhere, from dispensaries to drug stores and even Walmart. However, many still have questions. They want to know if CBD oil products contain THC, if it can fail them in drug screening tests. They want to know how long CBD stays in the system, which also helps regulate dosing.

How Long Does CBD Stay in the Body?

CBD does not leave your system immediately. It hangs around some. In fact, one study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows CBD taking around a week to leave in patients consuming 700 milligrams daily for six weeks. The consensus is between three and five days, since this particular study measured incredibly high doses. Even so, it took a week for the body to remove all trace of CBD.

However, a week appears the most. To date, no test has found any CBD in anybody after that. This includes high dose cases, like the study above. For mild users, CBD only lingers five days at most, but the exact length of its journey through your body depends on several factors. How much did you take? How much do you weigh? Do you take other medications? Even so, it still will not hover over a week.

How Fast Does CBD Act?

Determining just how long it takes for the effects of CBD to become apparent will depend on the same factors. If you vape, smoke, or otherwise inhale it, then you will feel relief almost immediately. The lungs send CBD directly into the bloodstream. Quickly too. However, if you consume CBD sublingually, or mucosal-like under the tongue, then it might take 15 minutes for it to reach your blood.

Then, if you choose to eat CBD, by nibbling edibles or popping capsules, then it might take as long as two hours to get relief. It must first traverse the digestion system and metabolize before it gets anywhere near the bloodstream. Having said that, swallowing CBD lasts the longest. A good tip to remember is that the faster you feel effects, the quicker those effects will dissipate.

How Long Do CBD Effects Last?

Once you start feeling the calming effects of CBD, they generally last up to four hours. Depending how you consumed it, they could last longer. When you start to feel the pain again, or whatever symptoms you are treating, if still necessary, then it becomes time for another dose. For those using natural hemp oil preventively, a dosing routine is often preferable. This helps to mitigate expected pain and issues.

As with figuring out how long CBD remains in the body, there are other considerations to factor in how long you will feel effects, as well, besides dosage size, consumption method, and how much you weigh. These calculations are mere estimations anyway. They hint at a general timeframe. However, nobody is the same. We are all different. Effects last longer in some folks than they do in others.

Does CBD Show in Drug Tests?

Many worry if drug screening, whether for work, sports, courts, or other reasons, will detect CBD. After all, this is usually why folks want to know how long it lasts in the system. Drug tests do not screen for CBD. They are not even looking for it. They do test for THC, but not CBD. There is no need for concern. Since CBD is not psychoactive, it does not affect driving or work performance. Nobody cares about it.

If anybody is testing you, he or she is looking specifically for THC. This psychoactive compound makes you stoned. They also test for other hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. However, some of these tests can pick up traces of THC in some CBD oil products. This occasionally happens with full spectrum CBD, as it contains less than .3 percent THC from its original hemp plant. Not enough to make you buzz.

While this may arouse questions, it would unlikely get you fired. Traces are too insignificant and CBD is legal, even weed itself is in some states. Always check the Certificate of Analysis when buying CBD oil products. This allows you to ensure you buy only quality, and it tells you just which cannabinoids it contains and how much of them. It will give you complete control over exactly what you are consuming.

CBD Delivery in California

You will never know how CBD will affect you until you try it. That is the only way to know how long it will take to wear off, how long it will stay in your body, and how long it will take to work. Studies are still underway. Research continues. We are different and consume CBD in different ways. It is impossible for existing literature to apply accurately and equally to each individual. You have to experiment yourself.

CBD is a lucrative industry across the United States. CBD delivery is especially so in California. You can find an array of CBD oil products online from reputable and credible suppliers. There are buds, tinctures, oils, creams, salves, vapes, edibles, and more. If you worry about THC in your system, then just choose natural hemp oil without any. Broad-spectrum products and isolates contain no THC whatsoever.

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