How to Buy CBD Oil Online: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide
Published 11 Sep 2018

Now that CBD oil is becoming popular throughout America, the online CBD market is flourishing. It is easier to buy CBD oil online than ever before and this is precisely why consumers should be wary.

While there are a number of proposed benefits of the developing to buy CBD oil online , the fledgling industry is prey to those who are using the largely unregulated market to profit off of products that are sub-par. The industry is still in the infant stage, and this is why many people who want to begin using CBD oil products are unsure of where to turn for safe and effective products.

This is largely due to decades of misinformation about cannabis. People need to be equipt with knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant, in order to understand how to make good buying decisions.

This guide will enable both the seasoned as well as the beginner cannabis buyer to identify the best CBD products and to avoid common pitfalls.

In order to avoid producers who are driven by the potential profits to be made in pot, read this guide for how to identify and then avoid the producers using misleading marketing and advertising for their products. Watch out for the following so you can steer yourself away from these types of companies and their products:

1. Sweeping Claims 

While cannabis users and patients are free to provide anecdotal reports, marketers may not affiliate CBD oil with any specific health claims. So if you come across a website that makes sweeping medical claims for their CBD products this is a clear sign of advertising and marketing being used to mislead prospective clients.

While CBD has the potential to be a stronger health supplement than vitamins C and E, there still needs to be sufficient research and verified studies to offer sound medical evidence.

CBD oil is not the newest miracle drug, nor is it a snake oil. However; the CBD cannabinoid, along with its synergistic companion cannabinoids, has demonstrated significant potential in treating a multitude of symptoms and illnesses.

CBD oil will not provide overnight miraculous healing, but it can be used as a nutritional health supplement to assist the body in reaching a state of balance through the endocannabinoid system. The phytocannabinoids within the plant interact with the endocannabinoids within the body, and this causes a succession of responses that can generate a healing process.

2. Seek Quality Over Economy

When you search for CBD oil online, you can find over 5 million different options.
While it may be tempting to buy CBD products online that are significantly lower in price than competitors, it always pays back to do some further research into the products and the production method.

The production process of high quality, lab tested and certified CBD products is not a cheap process. So, if you locate a company selling products at prices well below the average, then this should be a red flag. Finding safe and high-quality CBD oil Online means you may have to bypass the cheapest option.

How can you identify false claims? Educate yourself. Follow up on studies performed by researchers and scientists. You will be able to identify the sales fluff from the useful information- which in turn will assist you in identifying a company that knows what matters when it comes to cannabis products.

How to Identify Quality Oil:

Ask the producer to present third-party laboratory results. This will assist in verifying that the oil or cannabis product does not contain harmful toxins such as pesticides or additives. Additionally, it is important to buy CBD oil online that contains a wholesome extract of the CBD cannabinoid. This will assist you in locating oils and CBD products that are dedicated to providing pure products that can be used safely and with the highest benefits.

3. Find Out what is in your CBD Oil Online

If you are a beginner in the cannabis realm, you may be unsure of the fact that not all cannabis plants will have the psychoactive compound, THC. In fact, some forms of cannabis are grown specifically for industrial use and will, by law, contain less than 0.3% THC.

If you are looking to buy CBD oil online that has no psychoactive properties, you will be spoilt for choice. Buy CBD oils Online derived from hemp is largely available throughout the online cannabis market. However, it is always best to bypass the advertising and marketing and check both the labeling and the lab report for yourself.

CBD, cannabidiol, does not contain psychoactive properties and will not cause you to have a ‘high’ experience.

Also, avoid products that have synthetic compounds or use only isolates. The is some debate among researchers that CBD isolate is not as effective as whole spectrum CBD.

So, what is the difference between CBD isolate and whole spectrum CBD?
In the initial stages of CBD production, it was widely believed that CBD isolates held the highest potency. This belief has since changed as more research was conducted. In 2015, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology found that CBD isolate may not be the most effective. In what is today known as the entourage effect, it is argued that CBD functions best when in combination with certain other cannabinoids and compounds within the plant.

The 2015 study was performed on mice and found that whole spectrum CBD held higher efficiency than CBD isolate.


Always do your homework and avoid companies that have obvious misleading marketing. By seeking out ethical companies you will not only be contributing towards your own health, but you will be contributing towards the health of an emerging market that is set to take over both the alternative and the conventional medicine industries. Always examine the labeling and check the third party lab results. Additionally, choose cannabis products that have been grown according to ethical and sustainable guidelines. If the results are easily obtained, you will be able to buy CBD oil online with confidence.

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    Well I enjoy buying all your products but, this was an interesting read and i guess we have to watch out for those odd companies out there

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