Where to Buy CBD Oil in 2018
Published 05 Oct 2018

Where to Buy CBD Oil in 2018

Showing interest in using CBD oil in your life is one thing, finding CBD oil is quite another. One thing to keep in mind about CBD and CBD oil products is that they are still under the cannabis umbrella. This means that finding CBD products will absolutely depend on where you live. In states where marijuana has been legalized, CBD is far more common to find. However, what about the other half of the country? If you find that live in a state where marijuana is still demonized, you still have options when it comes to finding CBD oil. Here are all the ways that you can buy CBD oil safely and legally in 2018.


The obvious choice for finding CBD products near you is to visit your favorite dispensary. Not only do dispensaries have a wide selection of CBD infused products, they can help to guide you. Even the self-proclaimed cannabis experts have questions when it comes “is CBD safe”. Not only will they be able to find you the right products, they can help you when it comes to dosage. It should also be said that if you’re looking for CBD products at a dispensary, you will have choices. Here are just some of the products that you can expect to find at a dispensary:
• CBD oil
• Topicals
• CBD bath products
• CBD edibles
• Tinctures
• CBD water
Chances are that if you visit a dispensary for your CBD needs, you will have options. This is a great way to for newcomers to CBD to find a product that works best for them. So, if you happen to one of the lucky ones who live in a state where marijuana is decriminalized, a dispensary is your best bet.

Health Food Stores

Since CBD is regarded as a safe medical alternative, it is only natural that health food chains would carry it. Again, this all depends on what state you live in. However, in states where medical marijuana is legalized, CBD can be found in health food stores. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that health food stores carry much more than CBD oil as well. You can find CBD bath products, oil and even artisan topicals.

The best part about purchasing CBD products from a health food store is that you don’t need to have a medical marijuana card. This is because these products have been processed and tested differently than regular dispensary cannabis products. This is a great way for people to find some relief without having to jump through medical marijuana hoops. It should also be noted that if you plan to purchase CBD from health food stores, you will find the costs higher than normal. Since they are selling CBD products without the guise of medical marijuana cards, prices as well as quality, may be elevated.

Online Ordering

If you can’t find CBD products where you live for whatever reason, consider ordering your products online. This is also a best way to ensure that you can get the brand of CBD products that you want. There are a few different ways that you can order CBD oil online. There are plenty of reputable sellers, however, sometimes its better to go directly to the source. Here are some of the best buy CBD oil brands that you can find through online ordering:

• Delta Botanicals:
This is often a premium choice for CBD users who are looking to order online. The one thing that sets this brand apart is the options that you get with your purchase. You can choose to buy CBD oil as well a vapor cartridge. You will also love the different and unique flavors that Delta Botanicals offers.

• Plus CBD Oil:
If you’re looking to buy CBD oil brand that offers convenient ways to consume the product, Plus CBD Oil is the one for you. You can choose between tinctures as well as the popular CBD sprays. Also, if you are not into the flavor of CBD oil, you can order their popular CBD capsules.

• Aceso:
This popular CBD spray offers much more than the body healing properties of CBD oil. This spray differs from others because it is a mixture of CBD and other brain power super foods. This way you can not only give your brain a boost, but your body as well.

Final Thoughts
With so many different ways to buy CBD oil and other CBD products, there are no excuses to adding CBD to your routine. Still not convinced? Wondering is CBD safe? While there are many concerns when it comes to CBD, it should be noted that it is completely safe. However, make sure to protect yourself when ordering CBD products online. Make sure to check that the sites are secure and that you are only ordering from reputable sellers. Good luck.

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