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Published 30 May 2020

Choosing a CBD product can be difficult. There are more than 90 million search results when you type ‘CBD product’ into the google search engine. CBD is being harkened as the latest in the wellness craze, and this caused hundreds of hopefuls to flock to the industry in the hope of pocketing a profit. Unfortunately, this means that the emphasis is more on profit and less on the purity and quality of a product.

How can a consumer know how to choose a pure CBD product that can be trusted in the fledgling cannabis market that is still largely unregulated?

There is a CBD product available for almost any symptom and people are searching online dispensaries in the hope of securing a good CBD oil product. CBD has been used by many people, some successfully while others not, to treat symptoms that vary from insomnia to anxiety and chronic pain to nausea. CBD cannabis products can be found in abundance, especially when browsing the internet. The most important factor is that the buyers, the consumers, are aware of what CBD is and what the most important factors are when a company creates a CBD cannabis product.

Take a look at the following questions you can ask to assist you in finding the best CBD products in 2018.

What makes a good CBD product?

1. Where is the CBD cannabis sourced from?

The best CBD products are sourced from the highest quality ingredients. This statement is true for all products that are manufactured but for cannabis products, it is exceptionally important.

The cannabis hemp is a plant that has the “hyperaccumulator” trait, meaning that it is able to absorb the minerals and metals that the soil has.

This is a good thing for farmers who are using excellent, nutrient-rich soil. The plant will absorb all the goodness from the soil and grow strong and healthy. But what if the soil contains metals and harmful substances? The growing plant will absorb those as well. The potential for the plants to absorb heavy metals such as mercury and lead is high. These metals will be present in the final product, such as cannabis CBD oil, and is not safe for human consumption.

The cannabis industry has seen an injection of companies and entrepreneurs, but not all of these are trustable. Wherever there is a potential profit , or an exploit market , there are some people who prefer to use low-quality materials that could compromise the health of consumers. Because CBD products are unregulated, these companies are able to pass off sub-par products.

But this should not determine whether or not you use CBD oil or CBD cannabis products. There are companies and brands that commit to provide excellent products. Before purchasing CBD products, find out the source of cannabis. Because US farmers are required to become certified by the state, purchase products from US grown cannabis.

Also, you can request a third party laboratory certification to see the levels of cannabinoids as well as potentially harmful substances.

2. Asking for third-party lab results

Most high-quality cannabis brand will provide this without you having to request it.
When you do check the lab results, ensure that it is a recent lab test. The lab results will either be available on the website or on the packaging. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support to request third-party test results.

3. How is the CBD product made?

The manufacturing process of cannabis products is just as important as where the raw material comes from. The most important factor is how the company or brand extracts the CBD from the plant.

You may have already seen a large discrepancy between cannabis brands on the market. Some brands sell products at a significantly low price because of the extraction method they use. Cheaper methods often use toxic solvents like hydrocarbon gases.

One ideal extraction method uses organic ethanol in the extraction of CBD. The ethanol extraction method is considered to be a safe method of extraction and also the method most recommended in order to attain the highest amount of cannabinoids from the plant.

Another method is the supercritical CO2 extraction. While this is an expensive method using a complicated process and expensive equipment, it does yield pure cannabinoids.

Before you buy a particular brand research the company’s extraction and processing method. Again, you should be able to easily locate this information on the company’s website or by contacting customer service.

4. “Whole Spectrum” CBD

While CBD Isolates have been rising in popularity, there are debates about just how effective CBD isolates are. This is because a scientist discovered something called “the Entourage Effect” where the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes work together. This synergy is what is to create the wellness benefits of the cannabis or CBD product.

Additionally, using CBD isolate is more cost effective for producers, meaning that it is an easy way to reduce production costs and maximize profits.

Most labeling will either say “full” or “whole” spectrum. This information can also be located on the company website or through customer service.

The variety of products on the market cater to the requirements of almost every consumer. You can purchase inhalers, edible, vaporizers, sublingual, topicals and more. Aside from the method of ingestion, there are also different CBD products containing varying dosages. This is why it is imperative that the potential CBD cannabis consumer gains an understanding of how CBD can interact with the body and mind, in order to make a conscience and clear decision about how to effectively use CBD products to enhance wellness and life in general.

While most CBD brands do aspire to create pure products to enhance consumers’ well-being, the unregulated market does allow companies that are not concerned about quality to infiltrate the market. Understanding what can make a good CBD product will assist you, the consumer, in making good CBD cannabis purchases.


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