CBD Oil for Hair
Published 06 May 2019

If you want vibrant, healthy hair, which we all do, then you can simply buy CBD online. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid in marijuana plants that offers an assortment of crucial medical properties. Many studies already show CBD oil improving scalp and hair health, and you can find it just about anywhere in California. Rich in all your hair needs, it contains proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Regardless of how you use it, CBD oil will benefit your hair, no matter your hair type. If you ingest it, by inhaling, eating, or swallowing it, then you get all the properties of CBD working from within. If you wash your hair with it, then you get all of its goodness deep into your hair follicles. Experts recommend consuming CBD internally and using it externally too for overall improvement of your general health.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD Oil

Cannabis sativa plants include both hemp and marijuana varieties. Hemp, used industrially, contains minute traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. It does not have enough to make you “high,” less than 0.3 percent, in fact. This is not psychoactive. Marijuana-derived CBD oil may very well contain THC too, especially if it is full-spectrum. Always check THC levels to know what you are getting.

CBD itself is non-psychoactive. It will not make you stoned either. If you are using marijuana medicinally or recreationally, then you must decide whether you want the “high” or not. If no, then hemp-derived CBD oil is the safest option, but if yes, consider full-spectrum products with higher THC levels. If washing your hair in it, then you will not get “high” that way either, so a THC-rich oil will not matter.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Hair

If you keep up with the latest news, you likely know the many uses for CBD that scientists are almost daily discovering. Cannabis plants have an abundance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, all rich in their own medical properties. CBD is currently the most famous cannabinoid for health, with the most uses and the one must under investigation. For hair specifically, this is what we know already:

  • CBD Oil Stimulates New Hair Growth

CBD contains all the essential fatty acids that healthy hair needs to grow. Rich in omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, CBD encourages the growth of new roots, whether you ingest it or apply it topically. A good scalp massage helps to boost this effect further, itself a known action for improving blood circulation to the area, all good indicators for new hair growth.

  • CBD Oil Makes Hair Stronger

Not only does your hair enjoy the benefit of essential fatty acids to help strengthen it, but according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, CBD oil is also rich in protein. Together, these proteins and fatty acids work to strengthen hair where it matters most, by making their roots stronger. By improving follicle health, hair itself becomes harder to damage or break. It is notably less brittle.

  • CBD Oil Moisturizes Hair

The abundance of fatty acids in CBD plays another crucial role: It is highly moisturizing. Additionally, the carrier oil itself is a likely moisturizer too, whether you eat it, smoke it, drink it, or wash your hair in it. Your tresses have many oils on the market to give them bounce, but without doubt, CBD is proving the most effective. It is free of residues and absorbs extremely well, enabling deeper dermal penetration.

  • CBD Oil Increases Vibrancy

If your hair is healthy, it will look it. Individual hair strands benefit from fatty acids in CBD to thicken and strengthen them, add crucial moisture to them, prevent damage, and even add volume and vibrancy. Dry, brittle, limp, and otherwise dull looking hair will become shiny, buoyant, full, and healthy after treatment with CBD oil, on its way to becoming the envy of neighbors and all.

  • CBD Oil Treats Scalp Issues

A healthy scalp is foremost for healthy hair. Many studies show CBD highly effective at treating a variety of skin and scalp conditions, from infections to dandruff. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, chronic skin problems stand no chance against the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. By fixing inflammation and circulation, CBD effectively relieves an itchy, sore, infected scalp.

Different Hair Types vs. CBD Oil

Despite CBD being a new addition to the haircare industry, it is well on its way to immense popularity. The market already contains a huge array of shampoos, conditions, and other CBD-rich haircare products, but their quality is not the same. Despite this, CBD oil is suitable for all hair types, whether damaged, oily, dry, or otherwise normal. Just check for independent quality testing.

Buy CBD Online in California

A wide selection of pure CBD oil products is available online, from buds to oils, vapes, edibles, tinctures, and more. There are even readymade shampoos and conditions on offer, so you do not have to infuse them yourself. If you buy CBD online, you also have access to more coupons, specials, and other discounts, and you can check for quality assurances and company reputability.

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