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Published 19 Jul 2018

Two of the most debilitating disorders afflicting health sufferers worldwide are those that attack our autoimmune and neurological systems. These afflictions can have the most devastating physical and mental effects on our bodies that can result in confinement to wheelchairs, mental anguish, and death. But now there is hope on the horizon for millions of people who are increasingly turning to CBD Hemp oil for relief from pain and improved treatment results. Before we examine the wonders of CBD oil, let’s take a look at the autoimmune and neurological disorders that can attack our bodies.


The wonders of CBD oil


The wonders of CBD oil have been discovered in the treatment of both autoimmune and neurological disorders. What makes CBD oil so special is that although derived from the cannabis-family hemp plant, it contains none of the psychoactive compounds, known as THC, that are commonly found in marijuana cultivated for its euphoric features.

One of the most recent worldwide breakthroughs has been the development of a CBD-based synthetic pharmaceutical to effectively treat rare forms of epilepsy in children. Because of its anti-seizure properties, CBD’s low-risk profile has accelerated the number of clinical trials and research studies into its efficacy for treating other neurological diseases such as neuronal injury, neurodegeneration, as well as psychiatric disorders.


Neuroprotective Effects:


CBD protects neurons from degeneration and is being taken seriously as a treatment for Alzheimer’s because of its ability to inhibit the development of the disease. CBD is also a wonderful pain reliever because it inhibits neuronal transmission. Another major breakthrough in the study of CBD is the discovery that it can fight the growth of cancer cells. Because it is non-toxic, high doses of CBD can be safely administered to people suffering from cancer, including leukemia, and to treat cancerous tumors.

CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety makes it a wonderful and safe alternative to addictive prescription drugs in the treatment of a number of anxiety-related disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress. In fact, a study undertaken in 2011 on 24 patients suffering from anxiety disorders found that their symptoms were significantly reduced in less than two hours.




The effect of CBD oil-based medical products to treat a wide range of serious and often life-threatening illnesses is growing in momentum. The fact that CBD is non-toxic, completely safe for human consumption and that it can be taken in huge doses without adverse side-effects makes it an increasingly popular choice among both patients and enlightened medical practitioners. These facts can no longer be ignored.




The impact of CBD on the medical frontier is undisputed, although it goes without saying that more funding is needed to undertake more research and clinical trials that can uncover the full gambit of this new-age wonder treatment.

Even the federal government has conceded that CBD is an effective treatment for rare cases of epilepsy, particularly in children, and has given its go-ahead for the release of a new CBD-based synthetic pharmaceutical to treat this debilitating disorder suffered by millions of people worldwide.

CBD is having such a huge impact on our lives and its growing popularity has inspired an increasing number of marijuana cultivators to swop crops to hemp plants from which CBD oil is extracted. This move has generated a much-needed cash injection into many flailing farming communities throughout the U.S.

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