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Published 17 Jul 2018

CBD and Marijuana are Impacting on Our Lives More Than Ever Before

From our four-legged friends to our own human bodies, marijuana-based CBD products are making huge inroads in the field of medical treatments.

Whether it’s your doggie suffering from seizures, or you or a family member debilitated by epileptic fits, marijuana’s CBD compounds have been proven not only to assist but also to eradicate these physically traumatic events from occurring.

And, just as rapidly as marijuana is making inroads into our everyday health and beauty regimes, so too is societal and medical attitudes changing in favor of a plant that has been previously ignored as a product that can change our lives.

CBD oil-based products are now taking the world by storm – whether it’s as a beauty treatment to enhance aging skin or as an acknowledged medicine to control rare and uncontrollable seizures in children. Dermatologists concede that CBD oil can defy age-lines in women, while even the federal government has given the go-ahead for a product to help children suffering from rare seizure disorders.

It is difficult to hone the benefits of CBD down to eight facts because there are so many but here we try to assess eight of the best. However, before we do so, remember that CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In other words, CBD cannot make you high unlike the THC in a pot which makes us euphorically spaced-out.

#CBD and our four-legged friends

At the outset, we started with our pets, so what better way to start number one of eight than with man’s best friend. Our pets are prone to a number of illnesses such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and joint pain. CBD oil works wonder to ease and treat these symptoms. Another common problem involves the dry and itchy skin. CBD is packed with omega fatty acids and antioxidants that will attack those problems right at the roots. And don’t forget anxiety and depression. Many people will scoff at the theory that animals suffer from these disorders but it is nevertheless very true. Coming home late from work, arguing with the wife and children – these are just some of the factors that have tremendous impacts on our pets. CBD oils will calm them and ease their tension.

#CBD and prescription medication

Clinical studies have proven that it is absolutely safe to use CBD together with prescription medications but, obviously, it is always wise to get advice from your doctor before embarking on a self-medication regimen because everyone metabolizes medical compounds differently. With CBD, it is always recommended that you begin with low dosages before gradually increasing your intake, depending on your symptoms.

#Organic CBD is always the best

Should you decide to buy your CBD products online, always choose a dispensary that offers organic products that are laboratory-tested. In terms of the latest regulations, all marijuana-based products must be lab-proof but, remember, there are many unscrupulous dealers out for a quick buck who will throw you a curve-ball. The quality of CBD depends on the growing conditions because the plants absorb nutrients and chemicals present in the soil. You need to steer clear of dubious products that may have been cultivated with the use of herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

#CBD and cancer

If you are reading this, then you will know that reams have been written about marijuana and its efficacy in fighting the spread of cancer. But, as one of the top killer worldwide, no one can ever over-emphasize the importance of CBD in reducing the spread of cancer cells. This phenomenon has been endorsed by the National Cancer Institute that points to the number of medical studies that have shown that cannabidiol (CBD)could be an effective cancer fighter. This includes research into the benefits of CBD treatment for breast, colon and lung cancers.

#CBD and prescription drug addiction

Ironically, while marijuana has generally been associated with long-hair hippies in dirty jeans playing loud music and swaying to the beat in dark dungeons, this plant has opened the door to a whole new world of addiction rehabilitation. It isn’t pot that is at the root of drug addiction but rather the prescriptions from doctor’s rooms that are the cause of a problem that is now being treated with marijuana! Clinical studies show that CBD alleviates withdrawal symptoms and, because of its non-addictive compounds, can safely be administered to treat withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and nausea.

#Is CBD a miracle medical wonder?

Because of its numerous medicinal properties, CBD can be viewed as a miracle medical wonder. From its recent worldwide acceptance as a treatment for rare, uncontrollable and debilitating seizures in children, to laboratory trials that have uncovered its ability to stop the multiplying mutations of cancer cells, CBD is forging ahead as a wonder treatment of the new millennia. Not only is CBD is an effective weapon in reducing the onslaught of tumors, it is also a medication for more mundane discomforts like inflammation and pain.

#Goodnight baby

People may pooh-pooh about insomnia but it is a soul-draining disorder that can completely overtake and disrupt lives. Lack of sleep can reduce one to complete and utter incompetence. Insomnia also leads to anxiety because of the inability to cope with the stress of everyday demand. But CBD attacks insomnia at the root, alleviating anxiety and easing the pressure by reducing the heart rate and blood pressure, giving the body and mind the comfort of sleep. Take CBD, feel happy and relaxed, and fall into a blissful and dreamless sleep.

#From medication to beauty

On a lighter note, CBD is now the new-age beauty solution to treat fading youth. Major cosmetic companies worldwide are including CBD into their beauty product ranges to defy aging lines and sagging facial skin because of its essential fatty acids and antioxidants that renew older and tired faces.


No matter the voices of dissent, marijuana and its CBD-related products are now part-and-parcel of our lives. From its ground-breaking medical attributes to its cosmetics enhancement abilities, CBD and weed will continue to impact on society perhaps even more so than in ancient times when it was accepted as an everyday part of society.

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  • Felipe

    Just astounding that all these healing affects are coming from a plant, which was fully illegal just a couple years ago and is still federally illegal.

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