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Published 10 May 2019

News about the many benefits associated with cannabidiol, or CBD, is spreading fast. It is hardly surprising that CBD oil products are flooding the market, with new brands entering this lucrative industry seemingly everywhere. Having said that, not all CBD oil complies with the same standards. As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, have yet to approve CBD, its products are unregulated.

Naturally, this has created a culture of consumer cautiousness when it comes to buying CBD oil products. Scientific evidence of the benefits of cannabinoids simply abound, but it is ultimately up to you to conduct your own research, identify which products are worth your money, experiment to determine the right dosage, and use your common sense. Here are seven tips to help you:

1. Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

There is a big difference between full-spectrum CBD oil products and CBD isolates. Both are concentrated CBD extractions, but isolates contain only CBD, nothing else, while full-spectrum CBD oil contains other cannabinoids too, even terpenes and flavonoids, all with their own unique therapeutic properties. You will have to decide which you prefer.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, full-spectrum products offer more benefits. You get the full “entourage effect,” which means that all the cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds work together synergistically to maximize their health benefits. Since CBD isolates only contain the isolated CBD compound, you benefit only from the properties that CBD has.

2. Check Third-Party Testing

Regardless of whether you are visiting a store or buying CBD online, you want to make sure that you get what it says you are getting. Independent laboratory tests, conducted by third parties, analyze cannabinoid concentrations, levels of terpenes and flavonoids, presence of pesticides, residues, heavy metals, and other contaminants, and put these results on the product’s label for all to see.

You have the right to know what goes into your body, but although reassuring, this level of transparency is legally required and provides scientific evidence of how much CBD you are actually consuming. Some companies even test their products multiple times at different laboratories, and they are the ones to make guarantees on the quality and purity of their CBD oil products.

3. Look at Its Origins

Hemp cultivated in the United States, while offering more transparency, lacks any regulatory structure. However, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, some states have higher measures of quality control in place than others do. Oversight of hemp is typically stronger in states with a legalized medical or recreational cannabis market.

This is because legal states typically have more resources and funding available to test, manage, and regulate hemp extracts and their cultivation. Therefore, if you buy CBD oil products from legal states, they generally are of higher quality than those grown in illegal states. Additionally, if cannabis is legal, trusted CBD manufacturers are happier to share exactly which regions they grow their hemp.

4. Choose the Right Potency

As diverse as different CBD oil products are, their potencies are just as variable. They come in different sizes and, most importantly, in different concentrations. You can choose the strength that best suits your budget and needs, but be careful of weak, ineffective ones. The more potent a CBD oil is, the more it will cost, but you then require smaller doses and use less over time than weaker variations.

When trying to determine the correct potency for you, consider the symptoms you are trying to treat. If they were mild or non-lethal, then you naturally would not need as much as someone treating severe, even terminal, illness. If you are a newbie to CBD, then start slowly. Gradually increase your dose according to how it affects you, but it is always safest to be wise.

5. Use Only Established Suppliers

The CBD industry is growing so rapidly that distinguishing the good players from the bad can be very difficult. This is especially true because the FDA has yet to evaluate CBD oil products. To ensure a company secures its promises with a guarantee, it is advisable to start with those who prioritize transparency and track their products from seed to sale.

A trusted and reputable brand will guarantee quality-sourced hemp, ideally cultivated within the United States. It will proudly display test results from independent third-party laboratories. It will also offer a variety of different CBD concentrations and try to cater to all types of consumers. Be fussy in your scrutiny of suppliers. Many are dishonest about what they are selling.

6. Treat Bargains Suspiciously

CBD oil products range in price from very expensive to reasonable. However, very cheap bargains should raise some questions about quality and regulatory compliance. While many reputable suppliers offer excellent coupons, discounts, and other promotions, others are just trying to sell inferior products. Quality is costly. The legal requirements alone are pricey.

There are also other production expenses. These include investing in good soil, climate control, testing, packaging, distribution, and so much more. Buying CBD oil products derived from foreign-grown hemp also raises the price, since shipping and importing costs can be exorbitant. Only accept bargains from companies that you know and trust, or for products that have undergone extensive testing.

7. Consider Different Products

Lastly, if you are thinking about using CBD oil, it helps to consider the huge variety of products on offer, particularly those by a specific brand. Expect some trial and error, as it may take time figuring out which work best for you. Try tinctures, edibles, vapes, capsules, and other methods of consumption. Such experimentation promises a great deal of fun.

You may also need time to perfect the dose that you need to find relief from your symptoms, but once you decide on the consumption method that you prefer, you can shorten your options to find your favorites. If, for example, tinctures taste terrible and edibles take too long to work for you, then you might want to consider vapes or a pure, coconut-infused CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

There is an abundance of CBD oil products everywhere. You can find them wherever you go in California. Tobacco stores now stock CBD gummies and vapes, even convenience stores do. This is why it is so important to conduct your own research and protect yourself. You never know what you are going to get unless you check yourself, and you do not want pesticides, heavy metals, or other dangers included.

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