Delivery Hours: 11am - 8:00pm
Delivery Time - 2 hours or Less

Immediate CBD Delivery

CBD Safe delivers statewide. If you live in Los Angeles or in most major cities in California, you can have CBD arrive at your door within the hour of ordering it. Immediate delivery applies to all reasonable places most people live, at least in civilization, where our network is able to offer this service. You place your order and it is immediately on its way to you.

Overnight CBD Delivery

However, if you do not live within reasonable civilization, or if you reside elsewhere in the United States, perhaps in another state, then you can still order our quality products. You will just receive them the next business day. Overnight delivery is increasingly popular; folks just love having the very best delivered to them in exceptional quality. Our packaging is highly secure.

Expanding Service Areas

As we expand our delivery network, more areas become eligible for immediate delivery. We are growing, putting roots across the country. We deliver everywhere in the United States, to every person no matter where, but you might just get it tomorrow instead. We send the best cannabis products, including all CBD products, both hemp- and marijuana-derived, in the best condition to you.

Unlike hemp-derived CBD, marijuana-derived CBD products remain illegal federally and in some states. Although more states are joining the legalization fray, delivering these items remains strictly regulated. For quality purposes, we collaborate solely with suppliers that comply with health and safety standards. What you get is legal, tested, potent, and accurately labelled, as required by law.


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