• Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: Are They The Same?

    27 Sep, 2018

    Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: Are They The Same?

    Understanding the science of hemp and CBD oil is important if you wish to use either of them. They are not the same and the use varies dramatically. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is but one cannabinoid in marijuana plants, albeit possibly the most vital of them. Many studies prove it medicinally beneficial for a wide array of health conditions. However, since it derives from cannabis, many confuse CBD with hemp oil. Both hemp and CBD originate from the same plant. Both contain compounds in high demand for their medical properties and […]

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  • CBD Medication in Schools

    25 Sep, 2018

    CBD Medication in Schools

    In Sacramento, a bill was recently passed by the state assembly that allowed children to have their CBD medication with them in schools. This bill allows parents to administer CBD medication to their children on the school grounds. Under Californian state law, children under the legal age have been allowed to have medicinal cannabis products since the 90’s. However, the state law prohibited the medical marijuana from being present on school property or school grounds. Children that required frequent administration of the medicine had to be led off of school […]

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  • CBD Hemp Oil Legal in South Africa?

    20 Sep, 2018

    CBD Hemp Oil Legal in South Africa?

    The legalization of marijuana has spread in waves of jubilation across the country of South Africa. Not only is CBD hemp oil legal in South Africa, but all types of marijuana has been declared legal for personal consumption. The Supreme High Court of South Africa declared, in a unanimous decision, that the private use of marijuana is now legal. The ruling, held on Tuesday the 18th of September, stated a previous ruling issued by a lower court that had criminalized cannabis, was “unconstitutional and therefore invalid”. Known as the rainbow […]

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