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  • 5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

    05 Jul, 2018

    5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

    Those enduring chemotherapy and other cancer treatments suffer some nasty, uncomfortable, often debilitating side effects. Chemotherapy, or simply “chemo,” is an intravenously administered cocktail of drugs designed to attack growing cancer cells aggressively. The drug concoction is so strong that it kills all growing cells, even healthy ones. Because of this, side effects are particularly harrowing. Cancer patients are constantly nauseous, often vomiting. Their hair falls out, the pain indescribable. Feet and hands swell up, the mouth is sore, and constipation, diarrhea, appetite loss, fertility issues, fatigue, and emotional instability […]

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  • 5 Top Effects of Cannabis CBD Oil on Athletes

    03 Jul, 2018

    5 Top Effects of Cannabis CBD Oil on Athletes

    As the popularity of cannabidiol or CBD, as an alternative medicine skyrocket, scientists are taking notice. They are now researching exactly how it rebalances the body from the inside out. Around the world, athletes are but one group of people taking advantage of the health benefits it offers, but more and more, the consensus is growing that CBD enhances sports performance. It seems every fitness fanatic is turning to CBD these days, both to get an added pre-workout boost and to recover post-workout faster. What is more, some evidence exists […]

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  • How CBD Oil Can Overcome Depression

    02 Jul, 2018

    How CBD Oil Can Overcome Depression

    In silence, billions of people around the world are suffering from depression. The epidemic is widespread and serious, and yet, people still do not want to talk about it, preferring to ignore it. It affects people from all countries; all walks of life and is responsible for increasing suicide rates. As sufferers do not how to cope with the issue, as many as 800,000 end their lives every single day. The problem is no longer one we can ignore. Depression is killing people, who feel so hopeless that anything good […]

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