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  • CBD Hemp Oil Can Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

    06 Aug, 2018

    CBD Hemp Oil Can Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Blocked arteries are the cause of heart attacks and strokes and scientists have now discovered that CBD oil can prevent that clogging. Cardiovascular ailments claim 760,000 American lives every year but the wonders of CBD hemp oil as a preventative treatment is now attracting a lot of attention both by patients and researchers. Strokes Blood clots and ruptured vessels cause strokes, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain. That, in turn, can lead to brain damage which affects speech, mobility, and memory. But now scientists believe that CBD […]

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  • Effects of Pure CBD Oil on Metabolism

    04 Aug, 2018

    Effects of Pure CBD Oil on Metabolism

    Every weed lover knows that THC causes the “munchies.” Its ability to increase appetite is a clear indication of its effect on metabolism. However, THC is but one cannabinoid of more than 100. CBD is another, and science shows it influential on the metabolism too, but in a different way: Research proves CBD safe for fighting obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. Role of CBD in Metabolism Science finds CBD directly affecting metabolism. Back in 2016, researchers in Korea published the results of a study in the scientific journal Molecular […]

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  • How CBD Oil Treats Drug Addiction

    03 Aug, 2018

    How CBD Oil Treats Drug Addiction

    The United States is tackling a major opioid crisis. Although the potential of cannabidiol, or CBD, to help those suffering from drug addictions remains overlooked by mainstream society, science is proving it an effective alternative to current treatments. As the momentum for legalization continues unabated, researchers are studying the effects of CBD on opioid and addictions to hard drugs. Studies are finding extremely positive results for cannabinoid therapy in drug addiction cases. The government has a duty to act urgently to prevent this crisis from continuing unhindered. Legalization will allow […]

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