• Use of CBD Extract to Treat Epilepsy

    25 Apr, 2019

    Use of CBD Extract to Treat Epilepsy

    Plenty of anecdotal evidence exists to show the benefits of using cannabis for epilepsy. Those trying it are reporting success in their thousands, particularly from using high quality, pure CBD oil. Research is still ongoing, but there are studies available to support these claims. Sufferers of consistent, uncontrollable seizures may find significant relief from CBD when other drugs and therapies fail them. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, the huge success that people are having using cannabidiol, or CBD, is what prompted the push for legalization many years ago across the […]

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  • 7 Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seeds

    17 Apr, 2019

    7 Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seeds

    Because of hemp’s family relationship to cannabis, people ignored their tremendous nutritional value for decades. This was due to the illegal nature of cannabis and its cannabinoids, despite hemp seeds having no psychotropic effects whatsoever, and despite their significant benefit to human health. Hemp’s nutritional profile is unique; leading many experts to believe it could help end world hunger. The United States has a long history with hemp already. Only during the 1950s did the federal government lump it into the same classification as marijuana, simply because it contains tiny […]

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  • How CBD Oil Treats Acne

    15 Apr, 2019

    How CBD Oil Treats Acne

    Everybody has felt the agony of an acne breakout at least once in his or her life. Although prevalent during adolescence, adults suffer greatly too, and in huge numbers. Its causes are many and complex, and as such, the need to treat them all birthed many different products for it, from creams to swabs, even pills, and now, cannabidiol, or CBD, a primary cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Studies show CBD with huge medicinal potential. It has an immense array of proven health benefits, with scientists discovering new therapeutic uses […]

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