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  • 7 Things to Know When Shopping for CBD Oil


    10 May, 2019

    7 Things to Know When Shopping for CBD Oil

    News about the many benefits associated with cannabidiol, or CBD, is spreading fast. It is hardly surprising that CBD oil products are flooding the market, with new brands entering this lucrative industry seemingly everywhere. Having said that, not all CBD oil complies with the same standards. As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, have yet to approve CBD, its products are unregulated. Naturally, this has created a culture of consumer cautiousness when it comes to buying CBD oil products. Scientific evidence of the benefits of cannabinoids simply abound, […]

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  • CBD for Thyroid: Does It Really Work?


    09 May, 2019

    CBD for Thyroid: Does It Really Work?

    More and more people are trying cannabidiol, or CBD, to treat thyroid issues. Scientists have been questioning its effectiveness, actively studying its effects on these disorders. Because so many studies already exist on CBD, the world understands the therapeutic potential of this specific cannabinoid more than ever before. Despite this, more study is crucial to knowing the mechanisms of action at play. Research is ongoing, particularly into this non-psychoactive cannabinoid and its abundance of medical properties. Currently, research into the effects of cannabinoids on thyroid health specifically is very limited. […]

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  • Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Healthier Hair


    06 May, 2019

    Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Healthier Hair

    If you want vibrant, healthy hair, which we all do, then you can simply buy CBD online. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid in marijuana plants that offers an assortment of crucial medical properties. Many studies already show CBD oil improving scalp and hair health, and you can find it just about anywhere in California. Rich in all your hair needs, it contains proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Regardless of how you use it, CBD oil will benefit your hair, no matter your hair type. If you ingest […]

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  • Does CBD Oil Treat Fibromyalgia?


    01 May, 2019

    Does CBD Oil Treat Fibromyalgia?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is making frequent news. It is one of hundreds of molecules found in cannabis plants, and it belongs to the group of cannabinoids. A small scientific body recently found evidence that CBD oil products could really help patients suffering fibromyalgia and its terrible symptoms. With current medicine not understanding this condition much, this finding may prove revolutionary. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a 2013 review showed CBD an effective painkiller against fibromyalgia and other disorders, including multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is strong […]

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  • Use of CBD Extract to Treat Epilepsy


    25 Apr, 2019

    Use of CBD Extract to Treat Epilepsy

    Plenty of anecdotal evidence exists to show the benefits of using cannabis for epilepsy. Those trying it are reporting success in their thousands, particularly from using high quality, pure CBD oil. Research is still ongoing, but there are studies available to support these claims. Sufferers of consistent, uncontrollable seizures may find significant relief from CBD when other drugs and therapies fail them. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, the huge success that people are having using cannabidiol, or CBD, is what prompted the push for legalization many years ago across the […]

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  • 7 Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seeds


    17 Apr, 2019

    7 Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seeds

    Because of hemp’s family relationship to cannabis, people ignored their tremendous nutritional value for decades. This was due to the illegal nature of cannabis and its cannabinoids, despite hemp seeds having no psychotropic effects whatsoever, and despite their significant benefit to human health. Hemp’s nutritional profile is unique; leading many experts to believe it could help end world hunger. The United States has a long history with hemp already. Only during the 1950s did the federal government lump it into the same classification as marijuana, simply because it contains tiny […]

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  • How CBD Oil Treats Acne


    15 Apr, 2019

    How CBD Oil Treats Acne

    Everybody has felt the agony of an acne breakout at least once in his or her life. Although prevalent during adolescence, adults suffer greatly too, and in huge numbers. Its causes are many and complex, and as such, the need to treat them all birthed many different products for it, from creams to swabs, even pills, and now, cannabidiol, or CBD, a primary cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Studies show CBD with huge medicinal potential. It has an immense array of proven health benefits, with scientists discovering new therapeutic uses […]

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  • How CBD Helps Anxiety and Depression


    11 Apr, 2019

    How CBD Helps Anxiety and Depression

    Anxiety and depression are wreaking havoc on the United States population. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, these issues are incredibly common, affecting nearly one-fifth of society, which equates to nearly 40 million folks. Even worse, these issues are never isolated on their own. They co-occur with other conditions, most notably depression. Most victims suffer both. Unfortunately, these are the same people with the least likelihood of seeking help. Actually, the ADAA claims those suffering anxiety “three to five times more likely to go to the doctor,” […]

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  • How CBD Prevents Pelvic Pain


    04 Apr, 2019

    How CBD Prevents Pelvic Pain

    Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular as a safer, more effective treatment for various conditions; however, it is only emerging from underground. Scant guidance is available in the treatment of pelvic pain, but much evidence exists anecdotally. Despite this, many studies prove using a cannabis tincture for pain highly effective, and without any of the side effects associated with prescription opioids. After years after depending on dangerous drugs to relieve chronic pain, efficacy no longer exists. Patients are addicted and have no alternative options available to them. However, with more states […]

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